Poloniex generates S address for depositing NuBits

On Poloniex I tried to generate a Nubits deposite address. Instead of a B address for Nubits I got an S address for NuShares.

i’m contacting their support right now

This is what happens when an exchange doesn’t contact us before deciding to offer NBT for sale. We’ll need to put together a “how to integrate NBT into your exchange” page and promote it.

That is EXACTLY what should be done.
Let the computer do the (repetitive) work. Let the document do the (repetitive) talking! (Even the document is just a pointer to where to get help)

I’ve been in contact with their admins and it looks like this is resolved now. Thank you for sharing with us. Thankfully there was no way coins could be accidentally sent to the addresses they were providing.

I think we have a “Resources” section waiting on nubits.com that would be a good repository for it. If you guys put the info together I can get it uploaded and edit if needed.

@tomjoad @JordanLee I propose to set up a bounty pool (NSR distribution), so as to tip those who find bugs, provide great suggestions and other good work for NuBits project. We need more people to take party in the development and operation work and form a big community.

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