Poll: Would you like to see swapped pairs on CCEDK?

Would you like to see CCEDK moving to a NBT-centring pricing of their pairs? (e.g. moving from NBT/BTC to BTC/NBT , similarly to what exco.in did ) .

Before answering please consider that the beloved coinmarketcap engine only indexes BTC markets, therefore the NBT market(s) will be ignored.

  • I think CCEDK should keep their pairs as they currently are.
  • I think CCEDK should swap to NBT-centric pairs.
  • none of the above (please comment with reply)

I think CCEDK should keep their pairs as they currently are.

Until NuBits are more popular, I think there is greater benefit from being promoted on popular sites like coinmarketcap.

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The ideal solution would be to have NBT-centered pricing that is reflected on Coinmarketcap.com. If CMC is unwilling to do so however, it is best for us right now to leave things as they are.

Here is an image showing our top 10 sources of new users to nubits.com:

To put it into perspective, CMC delivers 36% (NuBits on the main page) and 23% (NuShares on the assets page) of our new users, while the third-ranked option bitcointalk delivers only 4%. Interestingly, NuShares on the main page delivers almost 0%.

This reinforces the common wisdom that new users use the top 5 or 10 projects on each page of CMC as a starting point for cryptocurrencies. NuShares are being viewed on the Assets page because of its high market cap rank, but NuBits are only being viewed on the main page because of its high trading volume rank. Reducing our displayed NuBits trading volume will reduce the amount of new users we attract to Nu.


That’s a good explanation why it should stay as it is for some more time at CCEDK.
Remark for those who have voted for “I think CCEDK should swap to NBT-centric pairs”:
you can change your vote - discourse allows that :wink:

@tomjoad: thanks for sharing these stats. Has the @OfficialNuBits Twitter account driven any significant amount of traffic?

It’s a complex situation. I think we’re all very grateful to the @Excoin team for introducing NBT-centric trading (and very healthy volumes on their well-designed exchange). They are an important partner of ours and we do our best to promote them where we can. The ideal outcome would be for enough exchanges to decide to offer NBT-base trading on their own and lobby CMC on their own to capture that trading activity. I’ve noticed Blackwave Labs (the group behind https://exco.in) doing that already on Twitter.

Yes, the Twitter account currently drives about 19.2% of total social media traffic to our website. Reddit is first with 64.3%, and Facebook is third with 10.42%.

Sometimes social media channel impacts are difficult to assess though. For example, Twitter has been the most valuable for us for interacting directly with influencers in the cryptoeconomy. Through Twitter I’ve tweeted back and forth with big exchanges like OKCoin and Huobi, spoken about new business opportunities with exchanges like Bitspark.io, and reached out to talented people on other projects like @Marshall. Our marketing philosophy is that engaging in higher-quality discussions with existing industry members is more valuable than blindly spamming various channels.