[Poll] What symbol should be used for Chinese NuBits?

What symbol should be used for Chinese NuBits?

  • CH-NBT
  • CN-NBT

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The passed motion presents the symbol as CH-NBT. @jooize
has suggested CN-NBT, noting that CH is the country code for
Switzerland. This is a marketing decision and is not technical in
nature, so we ought to be able to determine the right choice by getting
input from forum participants. If it proves controversial, we may need to use
the blockchain to determine the best abbreviation. I will start with a
poll about the matter on this forum.

If you are from China or live there, please give us your insight on what will be clearest to consumers.


CN-NBT was previously talked about on the forum after the original motion passed. I thought it was already decided CN-NBT was to be used instead.

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There doesn’t seem to be any controversy about using CN-NBT, so that is what we will use as the symbol and abbreviation of Chinese NuBits.

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