[Poll] Another NuBit Abbreviation Possibility

Which set of NuBit abbreviations do you prefer?


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This is in response to a suggestion from @Financisto. Thanks @Financisto.

Voted for the classic names. I think we are better able to compete with future competitor names who may also peg to fiat currencies. As a customer I wouldn’t necessary look for NBT-xxx. Will look for something starting with US or EU in the name. Besides we have all the marketing material for it. It is not that we sitting on a stack of money. Just my opinion.


All three points seem important and valid to me. It is a strong argument against the new suggestion.

This seems much more important than having them grouped together on exchanges, so I switched my vote back to the original naming convention.

maybe look for something starting with X, there is XAU, XAG, XPR, XPM and some call bitcoin XBT, even when I google it I get this:

I guess this is not really helping though :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t voted yet. I prefer switching for the long term if superior, but I’m not yet convinced by an alternative.

When I learned about the X that’s used as initial character in “other” currency codes, I wanted to switch Peercoin over to XPC (or similar). However, with NuBits that doesn’t really seem to work as well.

I don’t think we should go with any too cryptic alternative. I’m quite convinced it should be either US‑NBT or NBT‑US.

I do think this is nontrivial and should be considered properly, but we can’t waste too much time either.