"Players needed to represent nubits in the Crypto Collider E-Sport 'Reddsurrection Tournament'"

Hello, Nubits community,
I’m representative for Crypto Collider, the innovative crypto-trading e-sport. We’re holding our biggest tournament yet and would love to see Nubits represented!
As the title says, we need players to represent nubits.
The more players, the better for Nu.
By playing in our tournaments you are also bringing awareness to those who spectate the games, and also play the games.
We want to work with you all, because we believe Nu can grow, but be part of somthing unique. The first ever E-sports for cryptocurrencies.
E-Sport is a growing industry and we wanted to make crypto currencies part of it. We have choosen Nubits because we believe it will help it grow, and gain awareness it deserves.
With all that said, Your feedback is important to us.
Our goal is to work with you all, to grow stonger togheter.
Have a great day, and fun if you join in.
Cryptocollider team.