Phoenix will no longer be holding keys to shareholder funds


Even though Nu is the most transparent business in the world, @jooize and @Phoenix have an insanely hard time to reconstruct the theft and provide reliable numbers.


Utilities that simplify determining the losses have been developed, including a more reliable block explorer and an interface for retrieving data. We do not have the amounts yet.


Any progress in 8 days?


It’s not so important.
The damage is already done.
Keep looking forward!
Jooize and Phoenix know their business. Please just trust them!

I bet they are busy focusing on multisig groups to relieve jooize from the burden of holding hundreds of thousands of USD value. It’s just a matter of time until single points of failure fail. Statistically speaking. While that’s true for multisig groups as well, it takes orders of magnitude longer :wink:
Hey jooize, it’s called math. You should try it!