Phoenix will no longer be holding keys to shareholder funds

Aren’t there any measures for the stolen coin

There is a great metric on that says that NSR ranks 258th right now. The market has spoken. NSR sucks. The biggest shit coins on earth are worth more than NSR. The market has spoken. Pinkcoin is 10 times as much worth as NSR. The market has spoken. @Phoenix XXX like a big pile of XXX. The market has spoken. Dude, you are so ridiculous. The market has spoken. Shareholders have spoken :smiley: it is hilarious.

Are you serious?
You lost 993 million NSR and the essence of what you say is that you are ashamed and retire?


Ever learn from your mistakes?

Hadn’t you undermined FLOT, this wouldn’t have happened.

Maybe you learn, even if it’s (too) late.

You could prove that this Ponzi scheme runs as long as you can sell tokens to share holders or customers.

You have just like JordanLee before you achieved to trade assets from the reserve for even more volatile assets.
Hats off!
I’ve outlined before who profits from that and for the sake of readability won’t go in greater detail here.

Wouldn’t you have played the dictator for a year under this name, Nu would be in better shape.
Now that the shit caused by your inability hits the fan you “step aside”. Coward.

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Wait, I didn’t even completely read the OP. Is this the third theft?

Or the second, I have no clue. I am losing oversight about all those thefts. Or maybe it depends how we define “theft”. There have probably been hundreds or thousands of thefts within Nu I guess.

?? “Chief of Liquidity Operations”, indeed… :smiley: You brought tremendous liquidity to the market, thanks @Phoenix!

Oh boy, Jordan just keeps delivering. The wallet was on a VPS? Why was it unlocked? Because you were staking with shareholder funds? :wink: Can’t make this shit up. You really don’t care about other people’s money.

BTW although I would really love someone go Gaza for this, the only remotely possible target would probably be @jooize since he obviously is complicit in all this and fools shareholders imo even better than Jordan ever did. However, what is actually known about this figure? He claims to be known as “Esko” and is from Sweden, a google search for that gives some pop band. Maybe if he had verification level 2 on Polo you might be able to get some identification via court order, but its also quite easy to fake that and its not certain that any government will cooperate.

Maybe you can go for whoever is actually running this forum, since their intentions are highly doubtful giving how much this whole thing here scams from people, even now with low trading but that wouldn’t be very satisfying because Jordan and Esko would still go home with giant profits (as they do every day).

That would be me, as I host and pay for them as a service to the Nu community that I’ve been a part of since before the blockchain even had a name.

I’ve resisted censorship on the forums because I want anyone interested in becoming a shareholder to have the full picture of the network, warts and all.

Are you suggesting that I’m now considered a target for reparations for the faults of those that the shareholders actively gave control of the network to?


No, in an ideal world you would just be forced to do two things:

(1) provide all information about @jooize and @JordanLee that the forum logs may provide
(2) shut this forum down

This thing here would even have a great chance to get removed on reddit, so let them go on voat or something where all the scammers and dubious people are.

In the real world, nobody will come after you and you can continue paying for Jordans scam machine.

Wait, what? I’ve never hidden a post on these boards that you’ve ever written.

Who is hiding my posts then, who is that?

The moderators that would have access to do that are:

@cryptog, @Cybnate, @CoinGame, @sigmike

I’ll review your posts and see who had taken the actions you’ve stated.

This is interesting.

When I get access to a keyboard I can look at the logs. Discourse has a number of auto moderation tools. Especially more so in recent versions. Excessive naughty language could have automatically triggered it. I can’t say for sure at the moment.

This post got hidden, why? Because I tell the truth? Nobody really trusts Esko here, and the sybil attack going on won’t change that. @Ben

And @woolly_sammoth, I missed him in the mod list.

And it looks like a majority of the deleted/hidden posts (all were in April, May?) were removed by @woolly_sammoth. I’m looking deeper and will provide additional information if I have it.

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And also, keep in mind that I already paid for the bad words I am using. I paid almost $20,000 dollars for the right to call @Phoenix a pile of shit. What more can you ask for? Tell me, please.

@cryptog flagged this post as “inappropriate”. Which is why it was suppressed.

I’m temporarily (and potentially permanently) removing their moderator privileges until I can understand more about why they’ve been using them as a crudgel for valid (albeit rough) statements like yours vs a scalpel for single word garbage posts.

I will remove my posts where I stated that you @Ben are part of this scam. I thought it is you removing all that stuff. I apologize.

@cryptog I warn you. You are indeed publicly known. I understand you are neck deep into Nu, but helping people like @Phoenix and @jooize pull this scam off makes you a great target for some lawsuit action.