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Indigoman, do you have an email address I could send something to? I have received threats due to my online forum activities, so I cannot post any

@Benjamin, if you have had a problem or been threatened on these forums, please send me a private message with the details.

This sounds disturbing, I hope it gets sorted out.

I have not had any information forwarded to me by @Benjamin describing the alleged issue. He had been a member of the community for all of about four hours when that post was made, and my internal investigations came up blank.

My offer still stands. If there was a problem here in the community, I would appreciate knowing about it. The moderators and I do not want to be too heavy handed, so we won’t go out of our way to curb conversation if it’s in the spirit of debate, but threats will be taken seriously.

None of this has happened at this specific forum. I can’t/won’t go into details.

That’s fine, I don’t need the details if it happened outside of Thank you for the follow-up, and welcome to the community.

I find it alarming even if it happened outside this forum.
I hope this can be sorted out by @Benjamin and wish him/her the very best.

We should take this as a reminder that it’s important to think twice before revealing the identity.
Threatening anonymous user names is one thing - threatening people is another…

Hey Benjamin, I apologize for the late reply. I have sent your a personal message with my contact info. I hope things don’t get life threatening for you. Please keep posting here every now and then so we know you’re safe at least.