[Passed] Yet Another LPC Proposal

Hi would like to be one of the next four liquidity holders. I’m moving coins around right now. I think i can be ready in some hours.

looking into running the NuBot on bitspark and allcoin exchnages… just let me know where i need to be

Helpful tip: you will have a better chance of being successfully elected if you take the time to read through prior LPC proposals to get a sense of what information you should be providing shareholders. This post does not convey much about why you should be elected as a custodian, and what you plan on doing with the funds.

right, i should not have labeled it a proposal, more of a question
I’d like to claim bitsprak.io if possible

Proposal Begin*
to vote on custodian grant:

BGUChgeJX3BUc1Sh5LfXS96XgUbUXZsND8 , 1

If this proposal is approved, I will provide a fund of BTC equivalent to 20,000 NBT and run the NuBot to support the liquidity of BTC/NBT market in bitsprak.io’s exchange for 30 days.

This offer is valid for two weeks.
If elected my NuBot will be online in within 72 hours, remain online for 30 days (99% uptime), and i will provide liquidty info. I ask 1M NSR compensation.
Proposal End*

I edited your title adding a draft. This is far from complete information and shareholders are not likely to consider it until more information is filled.

You need to establish trust first, then ask.


Can you remove the draft tag please. This is my official proposal ( it has already recieved votes ). [regardless of you personal opinon that it is not likely the other ones]

You mentioned “establish trust,” but since im only asking for a single NuBit upfront, i don’t see how it’s an issue.

How much trust do you need to let me risk 20K USD of my own asset?

Also, what info is missing from this proposal?

  • Even a 1 NBT will enable the custodian to submit liquidity info directly to all the clients connected to the network.
  • Also, remember that voting for this proposal you are implicitly voting for 1 Million NuShares ~ 5000 USD.
  • as NuBot maintainer I have an overview of custodians and from what I can tell the BTC/NBT pair is already assigned to @teek, elected several weeks ago.

This is not my personal opinion.

The fact that someone already voting might be a good sign that someone trusts you (which is good) , or can be a sign that some shareholder is not aware that by giving you 1NBT they allow you to submit liquidity to the client and possibly harm the network.

We will soon allow multiple custodians on a pair, but not yet. The only fact that you were not aware of this refrain me from voting. I can guide you through NuBot, but you should demonstrate patience.

We are still improving and I kindly ask you to provide more complete information on the grant, please see what section should be included from this or this . I thank you for offering your service, but I don’t even know if you are a shareholder.

I will remove the draft from the title, and I apologise for the interference.

Do we have a public post showing which custodians are active on which exchange pairs? Might be useful if we don’t.

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Thanks for the votes so far, last time i checked it was at 18%.
Just confirmed: there is no bot on bitspark yet.

I may or may not own any NSR, but if I do, I’m voting for

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same as above

I think I would need to know more about you to vote. If you can show some work on the website you mentioned before or other nu related contributions you would get more trust, at least from me. (oh no, we are back to proof of work again :wink: )

ok, but the site is a work in progress : http://cryptobiz.directory/
If you want to skip to the wallet with “hedge to USD via NuBit” feature : http://cryptobiz.directory/cgi-bin/pub/wallet

I thouht it would be ready by now. I am looking for some helpers/elves to realize the goal. Yea, and also big picture idea guys.
Can compensate in NuBit or BTC, Thanks!

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voted, i hope the proposal is still valid


Txs for proposing - I am interesting in voting but I have my due diligence before.
Are you a nushareholder? could you introduce yourself?

Perhaps shareholders want to look at: Liquidity provider custodian proposals not yet passed
to have supporting arguments to vote for that proposal.

Will vote

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Yea, i have a few nubit + nushare from the exchange.
I made some post in the introductoins thread.Introduce yourself to the community
What do u want to know crypto_coiner?

Txs for responding - your long term vision for Nu