[Passed] Trustless Liquidity Pool operation on Bittrex

The statement “total maximum” is possibly a little misleading. That figure is the target amount of liquidity for the pool. Users are welcome to provide more liquidity if they want but only the first 20k will be compensated by the pool. The pool uses a variable rate calculation to ensure that users can out bid each other for inclusion in that compensation should more than 20k be provided to the pool. More information on that system is available in the other thread (other faq threads will be coming soon).
This first run is being used as a data collection exercise to aid with future proposals. We felt it important to keep the target realistic while also providing a decent amount of liquidity.
Its going to be exciting for sure.


We just passed 2,500 votes, and that after three days. I am overwhelmed by the support, thank you!

Now I hope that Bittrex will be quick with the implementation on their side.

You have consistently around 80% of the votes. Don’t think you can get much better.

verified and voted.

@assistant custodian vote BNUpooLxGbHXSs7Qcwi5EBXzZ82BbWwsMN

Hi @creon

Here are the details for the Custodian Vote on BNUpooLxGbHXSs7Qcwi5EBXzZ82BbWwsMN:

[1]: https://discuss.nubits.com/t/voting-trustless-liquidity-pool-operation-on-bittrex

###[Voting] Trustless Liquidity Pool operation on Bittrex
###1800.00 NBT.
Blocks: 5044 (50.440000%)
Share Days: 1825842328 (47.740722%)

###9.00 NBT.
Blocks: 7 (0.070000%)
Share Days: 6297342 (0.164658%)

We passed 50% of the votes! (well or 0.07% however you see it). CDD will hopefully follow soon.

To celebrate this and to test our production server, we started another small beta. Target values are 100 NBT on each side of each exchange with a maximal interest rate of 0.25%. To participate just point your client to our new server (more or less located in Amsterdam), which will also be the address for the final operation:

./client.py eu.nupool.net

Again, I am just amazed by the amount of support. I still suspect some exchanges to do their part in this voting, but nevertheless it is impressive to see how quickly shareholders can be able to get something through.

Let me know if you have any trouble with the new system.


It seems that you are getting something like 80 votes.
How many would correspond to actual exchanges is an interesting question.

can you be more specific please what and how can we participate?
i see a linux command but i don’t have linux and even if i had, i don’t understand what is going on :smile:

See the first post in this thread: Trust-less liquidity pool

there is a windows version :wink:

This grant has passed on block 301694. Thank you very much!
It was the fastest grant in the history of Nu with 7614 blocks between “first seen” and “granted”.

Bittrex integration is on the way, but I cannot finish the implementation before this evening. I’ll give my best to do everything as soon as possible.


The grant is received and is safe and sound. I’d just like to echo @creon s thanks to everyone for voting on this.
I’m going to spend the evening setting up and testing the servers as well as finishing off the UI. We will be ready for operation within the 48 hours specified in the grant proposal.

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We removed this from the grant :wink: But it is our internal soft deadline and I will still do my best to make it happen.

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:blush: oh yeah. It’s a good target none the less.

Your effort to develop the TLLP transparently and interactively is highly appreciated by the community.

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Thank you very much.

A little update: The Bittrex wrapper appears to be working:

2015/04/09-02:18:23 INFO: bittrex - balance: 0.01775243 rate: 0.25% ppm: 0.00053809 efficiency: 100.00% rejects: 0 missing: 0 - btc - bid: 294.0214 x 0.25% - ask: 15.9180 x 0.25% - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

We are currently running a small closed beta with some fearless liquidity providers in order to find possible remaining bugs in the wrapper. Everything looks good so far and we are providing about 250 NBT liquidity on each side, so the peg is also already more or less established.

I hope you understand that we want to test everything over some time before starting the actual operation. I will make a specialized client for this operation, which will be released on the real start of the operation. At this point we will also redirect the nupool.net domain to the new system.


I would be willing to try out as well. I got [ERROR: exchange not supported by pool: bittrex] even with “git pull”.

Is the pool officially operational? I there appears to be a sell wall.

Not yet, stay tuned :wink:

Well as mentioned above we are operating on bittrex already, of course free of charge and only to find the last remaining bugs.