[Passed] The Nu Lagoon Custodian Fee Request of May 2015

Dear Shareholders:

With the support and help from the community, the Nu Lagoon has successfully operated for another 4 weeks. The accumulated Custodian Fee is 1708.197 NBT till 14 May. I would like to request shareholders to grant custodian fee to the pool.


Thank you in advance.

The Nu Lagoon manage team


well done


Nu is contractually obligated to pay this. Just wanted to make sure it didn’t escape people’s attention.

Why is this pinned? There is a strong voting power for this grant as expected and nobody is complaining. We should rather pin the NSR sale motion.

I see 2 different amounts on the blockexplorer

1,708.2 NBT (5.74%)
1,708.02 NBT (1.06%)

Looking at the OP, the first amount is correct. Please check your vote configurations.

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This grant has received votes in 86% of the last 100 blocks, so its passage is assured if no other action is taken. Time to unpin it.

This grant passed.