[Passed] The Nu Lagoon Custodian Fee Request of 1st Oct 2015

Dear Shareholders:

With the support and help from the community, the Nu Lagoon has successfully operated for another 4 weeks.

As reported in the http://nulagoon.com/data.html , the accumulated Custodian Fee is 1625.616 NBT for Pool A, 3087.714 NBT for Pool C and D till 01 Oct

I would like to request shareholders to grant custodian fee to the pools.

BHAU3ZGUqFNfFpHbMK2Jjf4izL1XGrjGfY, 4713.33 NBT

Thank you in advance.

The Nu Lagoon manage team

Note: It is Nushareholders’ obligation to pass this grant according to prior shareholder motions : b5e709a59226b979e4cb59e6d3a3e06b506e3761 and ae07a18b22e20e38d6bf7559e320c1728d7a62dc

NuLagoon is doing some prepare work for introducing 2 more pools to investors, stay tuned. Thank you.



I am wondering if it is possible for NuLagoon (it also concerns ALPs) to give shareholders some info about how much trade volume the liquidity provided by NuLagoon actually generated.
Liquidity is mostly valuable when it is actually used (Tier1). Of course it does not mean that Tier2 or Tier3 are not important though.

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BHAU3ZGUqFNfFpHbMK2Jjf4izL1XGrjGfY, 4713.33 NBT voted

This passed.