[Passed] T3 Custodianship - Extended Contract

[Passed] T3 Trusted Custodianship: @Nagalim - Second Attempt



Referencing motion: aa341d7e915d40b3b2bf1889110a5f59db9ca998

In the section titled ‘Tier 4 Interactions’, the sentence specified here:

“If @Nagalim holds >$4,000 on either side of the pool for longer than 24 hours”

will now read as follows:

“If @Nagalim holds >$5,500 on an individual side of the pool for longer than 7 days”

It will also be recognized that @Nagalim may send funds from custodial addresses to FLOT addresses at discretion.


So basically this motion purpose is to alleviate some of the work that you have been doing but that you think is not useful?

There are a lot of reasons and implications, but the main thing i want people to think about is the number of T3 trades per T4 refilling. If I must ditch funds 24 hours after a trade, and the price swings on a 24-hour time scale (not unreasonable at all) then i will be asking for T4 refillings frequently. If i can, for example, sell one day and buy 3 days later then T4 doesnt even have to refill me. If we assume thise trades would have happened either way then the only difference is the amount of liability i am holding and the frequency of interaction with T4.

Also, reevaluating 24 hours after each trade is exhausting. It requires updating the liquidity broadcast twice or even 3 times in a 24 hour period.



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As an extension to your T3 custodianship contract, I add it to my voting data feed.