[Passed] Standard and Core

This motion passed.


what if it’s not $1500 but an amount that will result more than filling PPC reserve to its target? Will the extra fund be used to buy NSR ? If yes this makes things complicated.

So yes. Why is that complicated? Also, totally a problem for the future, lol.

The complication comes when sell (F x ST) amount of PPC is an unexecutable action when there isn’t F x ST amount in the reserve. The motion should have qualified the sell by “as much as the reserve allows.” so the calculator will code the cases.

You think any motion is not for the future? This motion is for the future. The calculator is for the future. A sloppy motion has to be patched to avoid being broken the first time it is applied because it didn’t try hard enough to be rigorous. The whole idea of trying to codify what to do will be seen as a dubious exercise if sloppiness is shown everywhere.

How about a motion to require any proposer of passed motion that is relevant to buyback to do a line-by-line calculation by hand, correctly, before that particular case is coded into the calculator? Any other case won’t be coded until the proposer does the above in the future?

Isn’t it about time to pause this motion or replace it by an alternative one?
Wouldn’t it make more sense to restock reserves by the revenue schemes that are under construction?
As the peg is lost, it makes no sense dumping NSR on the market to restock reserves.

It;s a parameterised motion. There is no need to suspend for the reason you said above – Just adjust the parameters and it still works.
Major change of calculation is not free – historically it takes 10 -20 hours work to get the changes corrected expressed in mathematical forms including all the edge cases, and implemented in the buyback calculator.

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