[Passed] Second deposit to FLOT NSR address

And not on NSR/BTC pair but on NSR/NBT pair to reduce NBT liabilities.

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We need to have a reserve of NSR to sell as soon as possible since the dilution is almost inevitable to save the network.

We are getting: 5,307 (53.07%) 1,214,961,527/2,600,072,979 (46.73%)
So if we discard sdd we should have the grant passed but the address Snvrc5q82wfe2NjEjaQAyStpPKseWrsNqn is not getting the NSRs yet.
Annoying because it can be regarded as contradictory.

Forgot that NSR 100m grant – great to see that one and hope to see 2 effects:

  • many new shareholders
  • liquidity for NSR market

Will add this to my data feed

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This grant has now passed.

What happens next?

The funds should be moved to a new NSR address, because the signers of the grant address are not the ideal occupation as @mhps found out.

After the close to 20 million NSR, that are left from the previous grant run dry through the weekly NSR sale, the 100 million NSR from this grant will be used to provide the sale with NSR. Or you take the next portion for the NSR sale from this 100 million. It doesn’t really matter.

FLOT has over 100 million NSR that can be used for sale. This is what matters to get the reserves restocked and the debts reduced.

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Thanks. Since you really seem to know what’s going on, you might have to update your username. :slight_smile:

I’m a patient reader.
I’ve made up my mind.
I’m glad that you like my conclusions.

What username would you prefer?
Something like “UnderstandingObserver”, because I’m not so confused anymore?


It looks like this passed. What’s the next step – roll this to a different NSR address?

If so, and I’d be on this sub-FLOT, then I’d like to gen a new key.

So this amount was created with a single UTXO? If so, it will have a hard time minting for the buyers. Or was it split into 10k chunks like the original network stake?

It is one output. FLOT could tranche the distribution to the purchaser to be output as a few outputs -or- I think the client is smart enough to make multiple outputs when it mints. I think sending coins to one’s self will also tranche it to 10k outputs.

i think if the fund is sent from a wallet (e.g. of an auction custodian) then it could be splitted to 10k chunks. If it is sent directly from multo-sig address tx, it’s one chunk.

Yes that cost 40 nsr and maybe a new address, which isn’t too bad.

This grant passed.

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"The Nu Blind Auction #1 sold 2.760.000 NSR for 3.240,00 Nubits."
Any speculation as for how many NBT that grant would burn?

Not sure what you mean. It would burn 3240 NBT.

Oups, my bad –
I meant of course: Any speculation as for how many NBT that 100mNSR grant and sell would burn?

I wouldn’t dare to speculate. It really depends when and what proposal, if any, the Shareholders are going to adopt to establish the peg. The sooner that becomes clear, the higher the return will be.

More if you sell it to me. LOL :smile:

Right – are we going to burn NBTs or support the buy side?

So 100m NSR are under the control of FLOT.
I think FLOT should request another 100m NSR just in case the network risks being taken over by one single rogue node.