[Passed] Reward for listing BlockShares on an exchange

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I would like to make BlockShares modestly liquid by getting them listed on an exchange. I propose we do so by offering a reward that can be claimed by any exchange that lists a BKS/BTC pair. The bounty should be escalated gradually until it is collected. We should also offer a reward for a successful referral. We need community members to approach exchanges and propose they list BKS and make them aware of the reward we are offering. If an exchange that lists BKS says a particular person made them aware of the opportunity, that person should get 20% of the reward value.

Perhaps we start at $1000 for the exchange listing and $200 for a referral. Each week, we raise the bounty by $1000 and the referral fee by $200 until it is collected. Please note that there needs to be a plan set these funds aside, which will interact with the proposal I made to exchange B&C Exchange US-NBT for NSR.

Bringing at least a minimum of liquidity to BlockShares is essential to them having value. We can do that by offering a reward for listing a BKS/BTC pair. Even a small, little known exchange could meet our needs quite well.

Here is the proposal on Daology.


Openledger already listed BKS, it seems @ronny has posted some ads on bitcointalk thread.

Another idea is promising to add some other coins on B&C platform after released, of course those coins should give us some help(developer, money), it’s an contract between communities. Is this feasible?


@phoenix, I’ve wrote an email to DECENT about the cooperation, they replied to me that they are looking for exchanges that would list DECENT.

B&C and DECENT, both as startup projects and welcome help from outsides. But I cannot answer their question about “When are you planning to launch the exchange”. It is said that DECENT encountered dev fund insufficient issue, and appearantly they have overcome it.

The situation is no one knows how long will B&C be finished and how much money would be enough. Really sad.

@sigmike, can we elect asset in relative short future? How many codes will be added?

We need to get them on poloniex, we’ve tried to get them listed in the past but we should make a concerted effort to do so again in my opinion.

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We tried a concerted effort before I believe. This is one of the projects which would compete with Poloniex business. Helping this project might be tricky for them as it might be helping a potential competitor.
However I’m not sure what the alternatives are, maybe a paid listing on one of the smaller exchanges as was already proposed. And we have already a listing on Openledger.

Any chance HitBTC is willing?

What about chinese exchanges?

I have created a draft of this proposal.

I hope to finalize it in a day or two.

Please comment on desired changes.

This has been hashed and finalized for voting:


Looks reasonable to me.

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I expected this motion to enjoy a high level of support, so I am surprised that in the last 500 blocks it is only receiving 37% support. I am wondering how much the lack of support is due to inattention and how much is due to opposition.

If you are opposed to this passing, will you please tell us why?

Getting listed on an exchange is the best way to establish modest liquidity in BlockShares, which is an essential property to cultivate to optimize their value.

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B&C is lack of fund and BKS is already listed on openledger, why we waste our money on another platform? Even we list BKS on poloniex, will lots of people rush to buy such a semi-product?

Why not spend our precious fund to develope the software which is stuck for a long time? Ourselves are platform, after B&C finished we don’t have to beg any platform to list BKS/BKC.

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Doesn’t this list BKS as a proxy asset? If so, it doesn’t really have anything to do with BlockShares as assets that can mint in our network. Is that correct, or am I misunderstanding?

I think a lot more people will buy it at Poloniex than if the only way to get it is to make a forum post asking to buy. Given that we will likely need to sell more BKS to fund the project, how can we successfully convince any one to purchase an asset that is nearly entirely illiquid? I think having it listed will boost the price. Liquidity has a major influence on the price.

If you assume a middle of the road cost of $1500 for this, and it causes the BlockShare price to rise even 0.5%, it will have been a profitable action. I would expect listing on a tiny and obscure exchange would increase the price by double digit percents in the medium term. That is great ROI. I can’t think of an action we can take that is likely to bring a greater ROI.

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Well, I’ll vote for this motion.

Will add this to my datafeed.

A listing is a listing. Poloniex also uses a proxy called Poloniex exchange assets. Same for others. B&C is still pretty unique in trading directly on the blockchain. Still I think a listing on a mainstream exchange is worth trying.

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We added your cryptocurrency.
With respect, the development team of Crypto-trade.
Crypto-Trade – Official Announcement https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1604225.0

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Just be cautious. They are just launching, no track record. Test with small amounts.

This has passed. Support is trending at 67% in the last 500 blocks, so there is a high degree of consensus on the matter.

I’m confused by the claim about Crypto-Trade exchanging BlockShares. I don’t see any evidence of that on their site.

I feel the motion should have specified a minimum amount of daily volume for an exchange to be eligible. No point in listing BKS on an exchange that does practically no volume on any coin whatsoever.

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