[Passed] Reimbursing shareholder

This grant has passed. How shameful of jooize and phoenix for not empowering shareholders in the discussion of this grant and instead voting for it with their own majority stake. Nu is the antithesis of the decentralized financial movement.

I wish @jooize would spend more time answering legitimate questions than starting drama by heavily editing the discussion. Go ahead and exert your proclaimed authority over the discussion and you will further prove my point.


Jordan/phoenix and jooizy have negtive reputation on B&C projects, of course that’s probably because they are not using their shares to vote for themselves.

Anyway, Jordan is not a good leader, he even has no courage to use his ID.

What a pity we missing the bull market by choosing nubits/b&c! I will continue to fight for hayek money in the rest of my life.

Are you aware that NuShares are up about 1200% since the beginning of the year?

NuShares haven’t missed the bull market, although they were pulled down a great deal in 2016 by the misconduct of several multisig signers.

NuShares have historically done well in Bitcoin bear markets, as Bitcoin owners seek refuge from losses in Bitcoin by converting to stable NuBits. Bitcoin bull markets tend to be short and Bitcoin bear markets tend to be long. We are currently in a mature Bitcoin bull market. No one can predict the future of NuShare pricing, but there is good reason to believe NuShares are in a better position to gain value than most cryptoassets.

As for B&C Exchange, shares remain mostly illiquid at the moment. Since several Nu multisig signers destroyed the B&C funding in June 2016 I have been saying that progress in B&C Exchange would need to wait until Nu was stabilized and growing well. That growth is now well underway with NuBit demand up around 800% and NuShares up around 1200% this year. I have spoken publicly about my support for granting B&C shareholders 237 million NuShares, currently valued at around $400,000. There are some implementation issues to work out, like who will take custody of those 237 million NSR. It won’t be me. I intend to propose a motion on the Nu blockchain that will authorize Liquidity Operations to fund a 237 million NSR transfer to BlockShare holders. BlockShare holders will need to determine who is to have custody of that. I will be recommending that we use a multisig team for Nu that is in the process of formation.

While NuShare volume is very thin and its price is quite volatile, we are quickly reaching a place where it makes sense to begin B&C development and marketing in earnest again. Specific plans for this are being discussed and I expect to say more about this soon.


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What we know is that Phoenix lost NuShares. It’s from what I see not impossible that he stole them himself, and it is impossible to prove either way for any party. Owner or thief could sign a message with the addresses to prove that they’re one of those. My opinion is that the accusations don’t seem to make enough sense, and the primary accusers have lost their credibility by crying wolf at every opportunity.

  1. Someone reported via Phoenix over 200M personal NSR stolen in March 2017.
  2. Phoenix lost both personal NSR and 237M NSR belonging to B&C Exchange in April 2017.
  3. Phoenix lost 200–300M NSR belonging to Nu in June 2016.

(numbers are approximations)

Other than these incidents, what’s happening on this forum is (minority) shareholders being upset over their lack of power. It is easy to complain, and lazy to harass. I love to complain, especially when I know what I’m talking about, and over time I’ve learned to forward those complaints with reasoned arguments to the people who can implement change. If those people are not interested, I may be upset if I love the thing, and indeed try to argue with them, but in the end it’s not up to me and I’ll have to accept that.

We’re a business and not a public free speech venue. Even such a venue might not be useful for its purpose if everybody were allowed to speak however much and loudly as they wanted.

Tell me what the legitimate questions are.


Glad to see you still try to make Nu successful.

In future, we should find a way which is effective and immune to any suspect, i.e. an effective decentralized governance. If we cannot find it now, it’s because we are not smart enough, it doesn’t mean it is nonexistent!


Why can’t this shareholder explain what happened to the community themselves?

How do we know @Phoenix isn’t taking advantage of the death or disappearance of another shareholder for his own personal gain?



Are you looking for obvious answers again? Short answer is we don’t and if no one speaks up we will never know.

You are inconsistent as hell. You know it, but your financial position does not allow to deviate from the greedy route to the morally correct route. The “shareholder” never showed up here and explained us all the details and why he or she exactly wants to get reimbursed. No proof, no nothing. Are you going to tag everything here as well? Did you vote for this grant? What about @lissajous’ theory? How do we know that there is no crime involved here? Are you proud of being a braindead lemming?

This is just insane, absolutely insane. And you are part of this, @Cybnate. Congrats!

I should send my shares to you, don’t I? That would be morally correct in your eyes. If I were greedy I would have sold everything and left this forum a long time ago and spend all my time on ICOs or something like that. You should have done that instead of wasting your time here. I believe we have invested similar amounts of money and time here.


We don’t. The world is not perfect and I’m not happy about the shareholder reimbursement. And phoenix knows that too. And there are many theories why this is happening. One of them is obvious, maintaining control over the network. If you are not happy with that then you have a problem and it will probably leave you trolling for years. I hope you spent as much time on solving other potential crimes in this world as with this. The world would be a better place.

I’m as much part of this as you are.

It’s worth mentioning that blocked funds in v3.0.1ban2 are 119,424,095 NSR and 27,421.8698 USNBT (in NuLagoon Tube).

224,669,631 - 119,424,095 = 105,245,536

Assuming the granted amount matches the balances before the theft, that resulted in a dilution of 105,245,536 NSR.

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Hi, @jooize!
I have read on this forum your ad that the new Fork blocked stolen tokens. I don’t understand one, do hacker so lazy that can not mix tokens through the Exchange and wallets? after all, you are going to block address. why he did not translate tokens on the other?

@Nagalim after this procedure, my coins bought on the exchange, do not evaporate:)?

What happened on the Nu blockchain is that wallets with NuShares were compromised. Thiefs didn’t empty the balances entirely, presumably (though unconfirmed to me) because of the shares having recently been voted with and therefore temporarily locked from transfer (as is protocol). Nu shareholders made a release to block the remaining shares from being transferred, making the funds unspendable. Thief did most likely transfer the funds they did get their hands on to exchanges to trade for other assets.

The grant in this thread is for restoring the entire original wallet balance to the owner.

@Nagalim: That is with B&C Exchange. There is no planned fork in Nu. Please correct your post to avoid confusion.

@Mr.Crowly: There is no need to worry about either NuBits or NuShares.

@jooize, why did you ask for the legitimate questions if you were just going to ignore them?

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