[Passed] Reimbursing shareholder

Implementing a quarantine of funds requires a fork with more minting power (shareholder support) than any other fork. Whether a fork, motion or custodial grant, the standard is the same: majority support by minting NuShare holders. This case was no exception.

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I find that very hard to believe. We use proof of stake to align the interests of everyone who has control on the blockchain. Your behavior certainly doesn’t align with shareholder interests. If your claim is true, that would mean you are working consistently and purposefully to undermine your own compelling interests. Are you suggesting you are stupid enough to undermine your own interests?

Way to ignore the big question. How do we know someone didn’t die and now you are trying to claim the funds for yourself? Why can’t this shareholder make their case to us without you?

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I am suggesting I am not stupid enough to purchase a single NSR! I suggest I was stupid enough to entrust a scammer like you with my money to build something great with it. I suggest you are not stupid enough to purchase my BKS for the price that you once asked me to pay?

so if i lose my nsr, i can make a motion to ask for recreating out of thin air. Shouldn t that the fault of the one that lost them? Shouldn t that none of the business of shareholders? seriously.

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It should come as no surprise to anyone who has concerns about share distribution that this grant is getting precisely 55% of votes since it was posted. Meanwhile nobody has made clear that they support this besides @Phoenix, but there sure are a lot of unanswered questions that conveniently get ignored.


bey bey NSR

Has @dhume received his 7500 BKS? If not, iI cannot trust multisigned team in this way.

The share distribution of Nu is completely fucked and scammers now directly control the network. Building anything on Nu is like building on top of quick sand, a complete and utter waste of time and money.

And I’m sure the distribution of B&C is probably just as bad by now. I would never entrust my money to B&C. I can see it now, significant funds will be deposited over a period of time and then at the right moment Jordan will cash in by draining all depositor funds to his accounts. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

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Haven’t you been paying attention? Jordan is the only one who is allowed to get his money back. He uses this network to continually enrich himself by playing suckers.

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@Dhume’s BlockShares have not been returned because of an unexpected technicality with the amount of transaction outputs causing a huge transaction which failed to sign.

B&C Exchange shareholders can grant the 7,500 BKS to an address provided by @Dhume, but the multisig would remain a problem. Hard-forking the multisig out is rather avoided, but to consider.

Yes, you can. Everything is the business of shareholders. If they believe it to benefit their goals, they’ll reimburse losses for customers, exchanges, or shareholders.

well you are right.
but there is no way i can make it to get passed.
“shareholders decide everything” hides that minting power decides everything. however if the distribution is owned by a handful of people it will make the platform totally undemocratic in the sense that voices of forum are not heared.
so how to make the distribution more fair?
well a vast zoology of investors needs to buy in mass .
but for that we need incentives.
currently nsr minting rewards are not enough to push people to buy nsrs unfortunately.

What you can derive from the activity in this forum.

I concur.
The only Nu related share distribution I’d be willing to put some faith in is Augeas.

No I haven’t.

I would welcome a grant to grant me new shares. Multisig seems next to impossible to get them out anyway. Perhaps a simple blacklist of the multisig address could be on the next B&C client.

Your activity level is really weird. Haven’t seen you in a while.

@sigmike: Would you like to attempt getting the multisig funds out the right way? I created a transaction, but signing using Cointoolkit seemed to take days or more if at all.

Otherwise, let’s propose a grant to Dhume.

@Dhume: Provide an address you’d like them created at.

I haven’t been around much, check the forum occasionally on my phone but it’s not logged in anymore hence why I haven’t been online. Would still like to get my BKS back but since currently they have no value it hasn’t been much of a priority.


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I believe that’s an address for BlockCredits.