[Passed] Redesign & Rebrand of RAW.Coinerella for ALP v2




BP7geZ2uhdeaqS5vX8Zx3abd43abs62aus - 1750 NBT

Thanks, willy.


More specifics plz. I get that you’ll add a rate page. What else? What currently works that needs to be reworked and why?

The underlying data gathering needs to be redone, because ALP v2’s and ALP v1’s APIs don’t have very much in common.
That’s what needs to be done on the backend.

I’m planning to redo the frontend as well, in the style of the current ALix pages. That means e. g. using CI fonts and colors, as well as enabling custom sort options.

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Can you remind me what, in total, coinerella will provide after you use the 35 hours? ALIX (also on coinerella right?) provides volume and liquidity per exchange as well as charts. Then you’ll have rate and liquidity per pool correct? Any charts? Any additional branding? What will this look like after you use the funds?

Sorry, do you mean the server or the company?

-Volume: exchange trade volume, 24 hours, moving averages, gathered and computed daily
-Walls: Liquidity T1 (1.5), gathered every minute from order books, moving averages
-Charts: Charts for the above + NuPool (as requested by MoD to evaluate nothing less but our whole liquidity provision concept)

-Gathers ALP pool data and shows the current targets and rates for each pool, currently grouped by NBT exchange pair.

The only ALix product that will be changed during those 35 hours will be ALix Charts, as I plan to include a “overall ALP liquidity” chart.

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So other than that chart, we’ll basically end up with the same page we had a few months ago but updated and with a new look. Ok, I’m fine with that. Im still confused about the branding though. Should I call this service RAW? How do I say your name out loud? ‘raw dot coinerella’?

Yes, that’s pretty much it in a nutshell. … but the page is still there and operational with ALP v1 (besides I postponed the FC changes to the update we’re talking about in this very thread)? http://raw.coinerella.com/nubits/

That’s how I thought of it so far, yes.
I’ll think about rebranding this to ALix Pools or something like that. Good idea, actually.

I’ll sleep over it.


Proposal has been updated. Thanks to @nagalim’s input, I now plan to rebrand RAW.Coinerella to ALix Pools.

Feedback has been a little slow, so far… I assume because it’s a flawless grant? :sushi:


How do come up with the number 35 hours?

Thanks for the question.


  • 2-3 hours research and preparation work for the changed API
  • 10 hours backend work (code underneath)
  • 20 hours frontend work (actual design)
  • 2-3 hours testing

If there are no further comments, I will hash this grant tomorrow night.

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Looks reasonable to me.

@cybnate @cryptog @crypto_coiner


What is the cutover date from ALPv1 to ALPv2? Or can they exist at the same time for a while?

There is no specific date.

I personally assume that no one prefers deprecated, already unmaintained software (ALP v1) over ALP v2.

My assumption was, that LiquidBits and NuPond will follow soon after NuPool.

As soon as ALPv2 has proven stable, yes. You didn’t answer my question though. Is there an overlap where ALPv1 and v2 exist next to each other or a hard cutover date even though this hasn’t been set yet?

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Well, I can leave raw.coinerella.com as intermediate solution and run the new software on alix.coinerella.com/pools

This will require about 35 hours of work. At my proposed rate of NBT 50 / hour (gross), this proposal will total in NBT 1750.
Any justification for 50NBT/h?

The proposal seems great otherwise.

Just before voting for it, the new version of Raw.coinerella will be open sourced once 6 months have elapsed since the release of its new version, right?

ALix Pools (formerly RAW.Coinerella) source code will be released once it’s finished. No delay expected or intended.