[Passed] Proposal to run nuexplorer instance, 3rd term

To Nu Shareholders,

Current contract to provide nuexplorer instance to nu community runs out in less than a month, on 5th of June. Please consider renewing it. Terms are almost the same as last time:

RIPEMD-160 4f2ea4f200fcf623a97a607ae4107ddb5e6a9955

I, backpacker69, propose to run, maintain and support a high availability instance of nuexplorer software for 12 months for 1200 NBT, which includes a sufficiently powerful virtual server, setup and administration cost of nuexplorer software.

To make sure that block explorer runs reliably and community can count on it, I will be burning 50 NBT for any reported outage that takes longer than 24 hours to remedy.

NuBits grant address: B4VacE8HVhPz2Ws9EuZrtdF6tDGfbgZUrY
Vote amount: 1200NBT

Please note, that current hosting contract will run out in early June, so unless this grant is filled, nuexplorer.ddns.net will be decomissioned at some point.


little more than 3 weeks left to go, current support for this grant is at 4%.

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i ll vote for it.

I’m voting for this too. Support is now at 22%. Like to hear why other shareholder don’t support this. This is pretty basic infrastructure. Are there working alternatives or others who offer a better price? I haven’t seen them.

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@Phoenix, could you please make this motion pass? You must have missed this thread.

Great. Support at 66%, looks we have adequate attention for this proposal.

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Thanks @Phoenix !

this has passed, I am currently moving nuexplorer software to a new server, please stand by.


Look like it is down. I’m getting 504 Gateway Time-out

server is under massive DDOS for several days now, trying to mitigate without causing a lot of problems for tor users. should be running, if problems continue we’ll move the server again next month.

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@backpacker Explorer appears to have stopped. Can you please have a look at it?


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@backpacker Blockexplorer down since 1 day. Can you please have a look again? Like to follow the grants.

Isn’t https://bc.crypto-daio.co.uk/ good enough for now?

EDIT1: Cannot search for motions or grants currently.
EDIT2: The same applies for https://explorer.nubits.com btw

Just working on adding support for grants and motions. It hadn’t been a top priority as there hadn’t been any for a while and I wanted to concentrate on getting he block parsing and block validation working before adding more information to the blocks. It should be ready in the next day or so.


fixed again


Has stopped again 3 hours ago.

not to my knowledge, still going strong.

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Interesting, must have auto-restarted. There was definitely a hiccup for 2 hours about 15 hours ago.