[Passed] Proposal to run nuexplorer instance, 2nd term

To Nu Shareholders,

Current contract to provide nuexplorer instance to nu community runs out in less than a month, on 4th of December. Please consider renewing it. Terms are almost the same as last time:

RIPEMD-160 68265195b2a65847edbba8c9ebaa2f2c4dea8df4

I, backpacker69, propose to run, maintain and support a high availability instance of nuexplorer software for 6 months for 600 NBT, which includes a sufficiently powerful virtual server, setup and administration cost of nuexplorer software.

To make sure that block explorer runs reliably and community can count on it, I will be burning 50 NBT for any reported outage that takes longer than 24 hours to remedy.


NuBits grant address: BACkPaCKkLFhM5WPqVucRKQCeepwjyMLNF
Vote amount: 600NBT

Please note, that current hosting contract will run out in early December, so unless this grant is filled, nuexplorer.ddns.net will be decomissioned at some point.

Update 14/11/16: This has passed, new contract will last until 5th of June.


Supporting this for what it is worth these days. It is basic infrastructure.
The explorer appears to be resource hungry so I doubt anyone can host and maintain it cheaper.

this has passed, http://nuexplorer.ddns.net will run for 6 more months.

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