[Passed] Proposal for LPC

This is a proposal to provide liquidity for the NBT/BTC pair on BTER.

I will deposit 52.76 BTC of my own funds representing liquidity for 20,000 NBT to BTER and operate a bot supplied by Nu to provide dual side liquidity. Under this proposal I will let the funds trade between the buy and sell side for a period of 30 days.

I will claim the 2,000,000 NSR offered by Jordan as compensation.

This will be a trial run for me at being an LPC. If all goes well, there is a good chance i will continue to do so.

Please vote for my proposal using address: BE7cDh2BwNWB8EqhMMYe81FE1dgkdpTsYt



Shareholders, the vote inputs for this LPC proposal:

BE7cDh2BwNWB8EqhMMYe81FE1dgkdpTsYt, 1.0

Hi @teek , thank you for the generous offer.

Have you been in contact with some shareholders prior to this message? (no, I don’t want names)

I have no problem with pseudo/anon requests, but I d require prospect custodian to at least find some guarantors among the community.

We are reading up on the literature to introduce an anon/pseudo recommendation system. In the meantime, it will be a little manual

Yes i have been in contact. I believe a few key community members will back me on this. I am also already a shareholder and though i am not super active on the boards, i have been involved with Peercoin for a long time.

I’ve heard teek was involved with potentially financing website development for Peercoin in the past. He also runs a crypto business from what I can see. He seems genuine!

I sent a message to Teek @ Peercointalk to confirm that this is the same person. I will let you know when the Peercointalk user confirms. http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=28408

EDIT: Received a reply. Confirmed that this is the same user.

ok, I’m good here, no need to sign a message with a NSR address =)

I would like to clarify that teek’s proposal does qualify for a 2,000,000 NSR bonus upon completion of the 30 day service period.

If the value of BTC changes between now and the time of your election, will you provide value equivalent to 52.76 BTC, or 20’000 NBT? Thank you!

EDIT: Based on your claim to Jordan’s bounty, it would appear to be the latter. Just looking for clarification. Thanks.

I can see how that is not really clear. Yes my proposal was in response to Jordan’s offer. My intention is to provide 20,000 NBT liquidity in BTC, regardless of the BTC price. At the time that was 52.76 BTC,


This proposal has passed. @teek Please work with the Nu team to ensure that your bot does not conflict with KTm’s bot on the same currency pair. Do not begin operations until this is cleared up. We have had issues with this recently. Thank you!

need some help over here…

What’s the current status on this operation? Do we have a planned timeline for when funds will be placed on the exchange?

I was told to wait for the OK.

I did download a new release of the bot this weekend and got myself familiar with it… seems to work. I’ll ping desrever and ask what the status is…

Hey teek. I am assisting @xjabc which is also about to go online. I walked him through a test of the bot with a test account and a small fund. We went through all configurations parameters one by one and I wish I could do this with all custodians.

Tests are going fine, but is not submitting liquidity info. I need some time to see why this is happening on his machine. As soon as I patch this I want to do the same steps with you.