[Passed] Proposal for creation of macosx builds



I think it is nice to get macosx builds on a regular basis if someone can verify the integrity of them, which seems to be the case in this proposal.



Grant passed today, thank you all who took time to participate and vote for this proposal!

I’ve also made some progress with learning about gitian, it turns out you can build macosx compatible binaries on linux using cross compilation tools! I’ve successfully built most up to date bitcoin qt client and it works, it is deterministic and signatures of result match everywhere provided inputs are the same.

Some serious refactoring of gitian descriptors would have to take place to be manageable, but in the end we would be able to use same build infrastructure for generation of windows, linux and macosx clients.


I’m very glad that you joined this community - and that this grant passed!


I find these DAOs very interesting and it does look like new ground is being broken, so I could not pass this one by without getting involved somewhat. Hopefully my efforts will increase shareholder value.


They already did…
…thank you so much for aiding the cause!
After all it’s not only about shareholder value - it’s about trying to change bits and pieces of the world!


macosx build of B&C Exchange v5.0.1: https://rbfi.io/dl.php?key=/hEYk/bcexchange.dmg
sha256: ef3b3fe9924ec9e3d505ec0f6c922ca699b049400d745e8e269006b67c7c2654


macosx build of Aegeas v1.0 https://rbfi.io/dl.php?key=/9wJR/augeas.dmg

sha256: 24553d2b1232402311aebea7e5caf8b790519ad153c035b19fb6515bbf0e2852


macosx build of Nu v3.0.0 https://rbfi.io/dl.php?key=/sAjR/Nu-Qt.dmg

sha256: 3520f6203c042e5fa8c2d07102b974821ed1a3b4f5f1c991db4efed400258263


macosx build of Nu v3.0.1 https://rbfi.io/dl.php?key=/WH1y/Nu-Qt.dmg1

sha256: d721889cc1988c8058e150ab9730333a54687db27ba4a9d69c388d8234799205


contract is running out in less than 3 weeks, I’ll make a proposal for 6 months extension.


macosx build of B&C Exchange v5.0.3: https://rbfi.io/dl.php?key=/qabl/bcexchange.dmg

sha256: 526a4fcd4d285d939009b9a7a41b03210224f8078976d5141f7c752013eaa785


Is there a working version of a Mac Os NuShares wallet? I’ve got version 2 and it’s stuck at block 1164056



Yes, there is. It is version 3.0.1, which is a required upgrade from 2. Here is the download page:



@Phoenix Great thanks for that. I’ve been a bit out of the loop for a while but I don’t see a NuShares tab in wallet. I may be missing something but how do I see them?


Flag that I found out how to do it :slight_smile: - it does still seem to be stuck at block 1164056 though.

I’ll see how it goes


macosx build of Nu v4.0 https://rbfi.io/dl.php?key=/tbBd/Nu-Qt.dmg

sha256: 2b24c4e1c94706d4c5526fc2188e7f9e84398c36b50c5a20230f7367eeaa1477