[Passed] Press Coverage for NuBits (6 months)

In order for NuBits to be seen more we need to get marketing in any degree more than today. Let’s get it started with an investment of $8,000 for 6 months in a specialist of securing press coverage (online, print, TV, and radio).

Passing of this motion authorizes Esko to enter an agreement for marketing of NuBits and NuShares for the amount 8,000 USD paid with the assistance of Liquidity Operations.


This motion can be found at GitHub. To verify the RIPEMD-160 hash, the GitHub version should be copied using a RIPEMD-160 calculator like Browserling.

Motion Hash: 1474a337ad4585c21358d2e222d483e4cf9530c6

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It is proposed that funds come from Liquidity Operations because there is good reason not to pass new US-NBT grants, because they trigger a chaotic fork detection tool at Bittrex, which causes trading at Bittrex to halt immediately and for Bittrex to view us suspiciously. Until that situation changes, it is better that USNBT funding be accomplished with a transfer from Liquidity Operations with a directive in a passed motion.

Liquidity Operations has no marketing expertise, and is unable to take any role or responsibility in marketing efforts.

Thank you, Phoenix.

I want to mention that they offer 12-month service for $12,000, which could save shareholders $4,000. Unless there is expressed preference for that, the proposal will remain for a 6-month term.


A successful 6-month term should outweigh the cost savings for committing a year, at which point we can confidently renew.

This is a great leap back from the previous proposal, but a more prudent use of funds available which is more considerate to the current position of Nu.
I would still like to see some clear targets and objectives as mentioned before other than securing press coverage which is very vague.

I think this proposal is reasonable. Tks @jooize for making it.
However I am wondering about based on which criteria you would choose this or that media outlet…
Maybe you would need training for that?
But overall it is fine with me.
Thus I am supporting it.

That is very annoying. We really need BCE asap. Hope the situation will improve soon with Bittrex.

This passed.

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How did this actually work out? Where can we see the marketing initiatives?

Where can we see the marketing initiatives?

Hum twitter and telegram i guess…

official Telegram

unofficial Telegram