[Passed] NuRiver HitBTC Increased Liquidity Payment Due - Update 5FEB2016

@cryptog @Cybnate @Nagalim
Updated with new grant and address…

updated with:

Custodial Address: B5YxZq3CJdtq3qBRezthKtLybHND4gYzq5
Amount Requested: 198 NBT

Is it correct for sure?

Just realized that I have been using “BRM8hfdKJ6gSqStBshtsnq7fQdLAUwzbG2, 198.00” in my data feed for 15 days now…

This has been passed. The amount (198 NBT) is in the address B5YxZq3CJdtq3qBRezthKtLybHND4gYzq5.
No other voting is needed anymore, am i correct? @nmei

You are correct. It has passed.