[Passed] NuPool 6

Hello Shareholders.

It’s time to discuss the next operation of NuPool. With this proposal we intend to take all the discussions that followed the last proposal into account.
We will still operate on Bittrex and Poloniex but we will skew the liquidity targets in light of the vastly different volumes on each exchange.
We will retain our 50,000 NBT total target but will split it 4:1 in favour of Poloniex.

We will alter the tolerance of the NuPool server to 1.05%. This will give a spread after fees (SAF) of 1% on Bittrex and 1.1% on Poloniex. This value was chosen to attempt to give as close as possible a 0.5% SAF on both exchanges. The variation in SAF comes from the different fees charged by the two exchanges

The period of this next operation will be 60 days. In an effort to reduce the cost of liquidity to Nu we will drop the compensation offered to 0.24% per day, 7.2% per 30 days or a total of 14.4% for the whole operational period

This means a grant amount of 7,200 NBT and a pool fee of 1000 NBT for the operation. If the current operation of NuPool hits target for the remainder of the period (4 days) we will have a roll over amount of 687 NBT. This gives a total grant amount of 7513 NBT

Now voting:

Proposal RIPEMD160 hash: 2b332665fde5ea483fe2a68c76df2d8f15c7c1f8

=##=##=##=##=##=## Custodian Hash starts with this line ##=##=##=##=##=##=

Custodial Address: BEbkDnBh71ZaXHXkr63HXP4bMda9m9BN7B
Amount Requested: 7513 NBT

NuPool will operate on Poloniex and Bittrex for a 60 day period. The total target of the operation will be 50,000 NBT split 4:1 between the two supported exchanges in favour of Poloniex. This gives a target of 40,000 NBT split equally between bid and ask on Poloniex and a target of 10,000 NBT split equally between bid and ask on Bittrex.

The pool reward will be lowered to 0.24% per day which translates to 7.2% per month or 14.4% for the duration of the operation.

The figures are:

Duration: 60 Days
Daily Rate: 0.24%
Total Rate: 14.4%

Poloniex: 40,000 NBT > 20,000 BID | 20,000 ASK
Bittrex: 10,000 NBT > 5,000 BID | 5,000 ASK

Server Tolerance: 0.0105 or 1.05%
Spread After Fees:
Poloniex (fee = 0.2%) - 1.1% SAF
Bittrex (fee = 0.25%) - 1% SAF

Grant Amount: 50,000 x 14.4% = 7200 NBT
Pool Fee: 50,000 x 2% = 1000 NBT

Amount Rolled Over: 687 NBT (after last payout of operation 5)
Total Grant Requested: 7513 NBT

=##=##=##=##=##=## Custodian Hash ends with this line ##=##=##=##=##=##=

Verify. Use everything between and including the <custodianhash></custodianhash> tags.

This should serve as forewarning that when we finish operation 5 and start operation 6 there will be some server down time. I would like to take the opportunity to harden the server and get the server software running under supervisord.


If y’all haven’t learned to hate me yet, you will eventually.

Calculating SAF for BTC/NBT:
SAF = 2*(Tolerance - 0.003 - Fee)
This uses a 0.0025 deviation and a 0.0005 discrepancy (which has a definition I just made up).

Therefore, appropriate parameters for a 0.00715 tolerance (I’m not sure if you meant 0.00725 by accident?) would be:
Deviation = 0.0025
Offset = 0.00415
Resultant SAF for Polo = 0.43%
Resultant SAF for Bittrex = 0.33%

This grant does not comply with motion 0ec0be7f113a0bf6ff603545a974cd6410458e00
The minimum tolerance required to comply with that motion is 1.05%, or 0.0105

No hate here. I was hoping you’d correct me if I was wrong. That’s why I didn’t go straight for the full proposal.

In your SAF calculation where does the 0.003 come from? I obviously haven’t got my head fully around what the motion requires but I hope this shows a willingness to learn.
If we can nail down the definitions of the parameters and the calculations needed can I suggest making an open Google Spreadsheet which fees can be entered into to get the required tolerance value?

the 0.003 is as follows:

  • 0.0025 deviation. I’m open to arguments about changing this, but it’s what everyone’s using.
  • 0.0005 discrepancy. This is just a little buffer in case the server price is different from the client price to make sure the client gets credited. For example, the price goes from 100 to 100.25, but the server is seeing a 100.26 price for whatever reason and the client is seeing a 100.24 price. The client, in that case, will not be credited with a 0 discrepancy. With a 0.0005 discrepancy, the server and the client price can differ by 0.05% and the client will still be credited. Discrepancy is not a parameter. Discrepancy = Tolerance - Deviation - Offset

0.0025 + 0.0005 = 0.003.

Good explanation. Thank you. I will update the OP

Edit. Done. Could you double check my Maths?

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SAF = 2*(Tolerance - 0.003 - Fee)

SAF = 2*(Tolerance - 0.002 - Fee)

SAF = 2*(Tolerance - 0.0001 - Fee)

With fiat you can lower the deviation. With USD you can drop both the deviation and the discrepancy by an order of magnitude.

Thanks. I will take these calculations and create a spreadsheet to help other pool operators with their proposals.

Done. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-bvhY6v0dTNWoUyusMtiBgh3JHodJuEV9BjTNNXTKoM/edit?usp=sharing

I’ve built a table showing all tolerances for BTC, FIAT and USD from 0 to 4% Fees. I’'ve also added a calculation box to allow for tolerances to be calculated for any Fee/SAF combination
I hope it’s of help


very useful! well done.
if someone set higher or lower values from these in their TLP bot, will be rejected by the server?

The server wouldn’t compensate the orders that lie outside of the tolerance.

OP updated and voting starts.

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It should be pinned.

done :wink:

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Like the proposal.
However, could you please elaborate on what is the rational for the pool fee doubling from 500 NBT to 1000 NBT (1% to 2%)?

Time * 2 ~ Fee * 2

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@cybnate @cryptog, I saw that you didn’t add this vote to your data feeds (yet?)

Voting is going slow so far, according to blockexplorer.nu

Address Last 100 Blocks Latest Vote Amount First Seen Num. Votes SDD (Vote/Total) 

 BEbkDnBh71ZaXHXkr63HXP4bMda9m9BN7B  0 votes   164  blocks ago   7,513 NBT     543,847    547  (5.47%)   219,935,236/3,460,099,079  (6.36%)
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Apologies, issues with LIquidBits took a lot of my time and blockchain was also down which usually triggers me, will update my datafeeds tomorrow as blockchain is also working again.

On each side (buy and sell)?

Sorry just checking one thing before putting it inside my feeds. Sorry for the delay.

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yes. no asynchronous sides here.

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all right.