[Passed] NuPond Term 6 Grant

i am ready to vote for it :wink:

Any big opposition to the three big changes here?

  1. Increasing NBT/BTC pool reward
  2. Changing NBT/CNY to fixed cost
  3. Greatly increasing NBT/CNY tolerance

Please be aware that point 3 is being coupled with new ALP client strategies.

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I think
1.) is useful to attract more liquidity which seems to be healthy considering the increased demand for NBT in general and in China in particular (-> bter…)
2.) is the way to go - future ALP versions (under development by @woolly_sammoth) will rely on this economical model
3.) takes into regard the trouble with providing liquidity on the CNY pair that might require not only the “shift” parameter, but an increased tolerance as well

I’d say: hash it!
…if I were to decide…

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This took longer to hash than I had hoped, besides I was being optimistic with my estimates. Therefore, I am not reporting any rollover funds for term 5 (which technically ended yesterday with ~250 extra NBT) so I can continue operation during voting.

rates in new server are zero!

I know i know, I’m working on it.
BTC server is up with 7.5 NBT/day rates, still working on CNY (it might take a little). Please don’t let these temporary issues stop you from voting on the Term 6 grant.


ok voted –

Sorry for the delay.

d62554a3501b5c910dd1f96948edfc92997a12df verified.


Would prefer more continuous operations between grants and therefore timely submitting of a grant request instead of relying on rollover funds.

Anyway given a few challenges you had, I’m good with the work you are doing, although sometimes a bit too experimental but I’m comfortable with that given where we are now. Adding you grant to my datafeed soon.

Edit: can you please explain the reason for increasing the operator fees?

Increased server cost + I want a raise. I’m totally down to have this conversation next month, for now it’s only an extra 50 nbt, 20 of which is going to the bigger server.

I agree with more continuity between operations. This period was special for a few reasons, which is why I did this in 30 day terms instead of a 60-day.

@assistant motion vote d62554a3501b5c910dd1f96948edfc92997a12df

Hi @huafei

I couldn’t find the details for the Mustodian Vote on d62554a3501b5c910dd1f96948edfc92997a12df:

@assistant custodian vote B8DZADD7UrMkzEmTWyvn2cEoxcnog1D8MK

Hi @huafei

Here are the details for the Custodian Vote on B8DZADD7UrMkzEmTWyvn2cEoxcnog1D8MK:

###1350.00 NBT.
Blocks: 4353 (43.530000%)
Share Days: 1205364143 (41.544779%)

@woolly_sammoth, mustard much? :fork_and_knife:

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@assistant custodian vote B8DZADD7UrMkzEmTWyvn2cEoxcnog1D8MK

Edit: Passed according to my client and http://blockexplorer.nu/votes/success.

Hi @jooize

I couldn’t find the details for the Custodian Vote on B8DZADD7UrMkzEmTWyvn2cEoxcnog1D8MK:

This passed, and I’m now operating a fixed cost reward system with a large spread. I suggest people try out the parameters:

Determines window of allowed price deviation

deviation = 0.0015

Determines market spread

offset = 0.007
shift = 0.005

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10nbt/day each side?