[Passed] NuPond Term 5 Grant

Just to get it clear: this grant is for 30 days for 1150 NBT - 300 NBT (rollover) = 850 NBT. Correct?

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Custodial Address: BEU9G1YCwCtaVa3mMPvX4NcqKngbA2jJ7C
Amount Requested: 850 NBT


Yup, 600 cny, 450 btc, 100 operator, -300 rollover.

OK - voted

nbt/cny nupond pool

Ask order target  0 NBT filled of maximum 5000 NBT ( 0% )

no ask order play…

Yet there’s over 4k ask on the btc pool. Go figure. Fixed cost on the cny pool may fix it eventually, not much I can do about it in the meantime. I tried to make a post about it a few days ago:


maybe this is the reason no ask order on cny pool

I’m not sure I understand what you’re implying. That the CNY pairs are all higher priced than the USD pairs?

yes , so we can buy nbt as usd to buy BTC and sell BTC to cny .

I’ll have to think about this. You’re essentially saying that I’m providing an arbitrage route for the whole cryptoeconomy of china, which is definitely a valid point. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, however, I’ll have to think about, and if there is a reasonable solution to this.

This grant passed.

too late to change it to fixed cost? It could solve the balance issue in this btc/cny pair :wink:

I’m not done troubleshooting fixed cost.

i am seeing this error continuasly for NBT/CNY pair

and i think this is the reason that my balance (payout) is always zero although orders are indeed set !
For other pairs this error is less frequent.

This shouldn’t cause your balance to be zero. I’m pretty sure this is a bter issue, my mobile app (bitcoin checker) also has issues updating price feeds from Bter, occasionally throwing errors out while other exchanges don’t do anything of the sort. Of course, that app is completely third party and has nothing to do with Nu, so I’m reasonably convinced this is a Bter issue. Again, it shouldn’t be failing to credit you, that is probably another issue.

I could be completely wrong, but this issue didn’t come about until recently and I actually haven’t changed the CNY server software in a very long time.

yes, you are right. it should be BTER’s issue. i see those messages also in BTC/NBT pair but my balance payout is correct for this pair!

Is that cny pool and btc pool payout together when i set the same NBT address?

They shouldn’t be, they’re separate instances of the script.