[Passed] NuPond Term 10



###Enter This in Your Client Please:

Custodial Address: BDjdqcmTXjeWFtXCFC6j3GjcbPwBDu4c7k
Amount Requested: 328 NBT


Operator: @Nagalim
Type: 2 Fixed Cost ALPs
Pool and Term: NuPond Term 10
Exchange: Bter.com
Start: May 1st
End: May 31st
Tolerance: 1% for Both
Spread After Fees: 1% for Both
Bid/Ask Reward Rate for BTC: 2 NBT/day
Bid/Ask Reward Rate for CNY: 2 NBT/day
Total Grant Without Operator Fees: 248 NBT
Previous Operator Fees: 100 NBT
Rollover Funds: 10 NBT
Current Total Operator Fees for Next Term: 100 NBT

NuPond may switch to ALP v2 when the operator is confident of the implimentation. Targets of 500 nbt total for each pool will be used for the CRFC model.

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no ALPv2 …… ,it is so bad to running nubot.

So here are my concerns with this operation:

  1. Bter is a mess. The spreads on btc/cny are huge and we can’t absorb all the liquidity without taking on large exchange risks.
  2. The fees imposed make it very difficult to understand arbitrage patterns for NBT/CNY. I’m not sure I want to continue operating with a significant amount of cost on this pair.
  3. I need to take time off for a couple months in a couple months. I can operate for May but I will probably need to at least pause or halt NuPond entirely.

I am considering my options as far as how to continue in this community (and how to get paid for it). I will of course remain an active commenter and an opinionated PoS.

What has been the utilisation lately? Is there money in arbitrage or offsets for the LPs?
I think it is ok with the small targets and keep a presence even if it were only from a marketing perspective.

Maybe someone else can take over. I have to admit I’m not confident to operate on BTER not knowing the exchange operators, but maybe someone else is ok with that.

We might pay your for that :wink:

Please explain why.
From my experience, in windows nubot is “hard”, since java “needs” a lot of CPU+ram resources.
Apart from this, nubot is an excellent piece of software with many possibilities and very little bugs if any.
On the other hand, pybot is very light and simple to use (user-wise) but with a lot of bugs that make
the placing orders and rewards a “random” operation :slight_smile:

I think the worst have been fixed by now and it is pretty stable. For the remaining ones we have good workarounds. With NuBot we are not that far evolved yet. Sure we can make the pybot work on ALPv2, it just doesn’t have great monitoring and settings facilities.


  • Decrease CNY support to 2 NBT/day per side

  • Reduce tolerance to 1%

Looks nice.
I appreciate the reduction in custodial fees compared to Term 9. I think we need to reduce more and more pooled liquidity in my opinion.

BDjdqcmTXjeWFtXCFC6j3GjcbPwBDu4c7k , 328 NBT


@Nagalim BTC pool is downing now?

I was using an old address to broadcast and my nud filled up my memory (4 GB). Anyway, restarted nud and updated the address, should be good to go.


Adding to my datafeed.