[Passed] NuDroid trusted server “svr1” upgrade


@sigmike is this true? If so, can we get a 4.0 release that can sync from beginning to end please?


4.0 should be able to download the chain from the beginning.


@backpacker will you please expand on your experience of syncing so we can understand what the problem is, if any? I just want to make sure our software properly.


I was really pleased to see your report @Cybnate. I am glad to see you are maintaining NuDroid, especially the Shapeshift use. It is important, and I support it. Our listing on Shapeshift is important.

As far as funding is concerned, I must admit I am a little confused just because I don’t recall the agreements you have with shareholders for use of the funds they gave you for NuDroid development and haven’t taken the time to research them. Can those funds be legally used to pay for server hosting? If so, that might be best. If not, I still want to make sure that is funded, back to last January. How can I help?


I synched from scratch with 4.0.0, but it doesn’t go passed 6 March. It has many messages in its logs re the issues. Can share them in about 10 hours time if required.

Else I will sync with old version first as backpacker suggested. Or copy an already synched chain.


There were two agreements, one for the development which I still have the funding for and one for the server hosting (see OP). I believe I cannot legally mix those two up. As said I will come back to funding for hosting later.


Now that I know the funds you have can’t be used for hosting, there are two ways to proceed: 1) You can go through the trouble and time to get a custodial grant directly from shareholders. 2) I would like to make things easy for you by offering to fund server hosting for up to all of 2017 by simply having you make a post here indicating you commit to maintain the server for a specified period of time for a specified fee (around $50 per month). Include a US-NBT address and we will send shareholder funds to you for this.


like I said in the private messages about the block Explorer work, version 4.0 and 3 with bans gets stuck on certain block. in order to sync I had to roll back to vanilla 3.0.1


Can confirm 4.0 doesn’t work for sure. It stop at 6 March, same as 3.01b. Before syncing with 3.01, I will try to copy blockchain from other synced node first. Syncing from scratch takes another day at least.


Given the low amount, a handout might be a lot easier. But I will proof value for money first and try to get buy-in from Shapeshift and get the blockchain synced properly again. There also appears to be a problem with the client which gets stuck at a block from January, still not clear why that is. Will need some help from dev. Will keep you updated in this thread.


I have not upgraded yet to 4.0. Still running 3.0.


Indeed the height a which blocking should start was wrong (some blocked addresses were actually used after the time at which I thought the majority of minters upgraded). I’m releasing a 4.0.1 that should work.


Reviving this topic as there is some news in case you haven’t followed it elsewhere. With the latest resync of the server side blockchain with the valid-hash-server software the NuDroid App is functional again with the svr1 backend server. The Shapeshift part in NuDroid is still not working as we have been unlisted there, but all other transfers in and out are working. I can also reveal that we will likely have someone working on NuDroid in the next coming months, more on that later.

In the last 10 months I’ve paid for the hosting, domain names etc. myself. I believe we are now in a position again where I can provide value for money in keeping NuDroid running with a working backend (svr1 server). Like to hear some feedback whether $50/month compensation for a year, total $600 is appropriate. The server needs to be on at least 4Gb as the NuBits client already takes 3Gb. I believe that in the next 6 months and upgrade to 8Gb may be required to keep it running, but I will try to postpone that as long as I can using a large swap file.


Here is the thread to continue the discussion: [Passed] NuDroid backend server funding Dec-2017