[Passed] Multisig Liquidity Operations grant of 4 million US NuBits

It has been less than 2 hours since the latest Liquidity Operations grant of 2 million USNBT passed. Already, 1.3 million of them have been sold.

Another grant of 3 million USNBT is set to pass in a little more than 2 days. In order to accommodate 100% growth in demand for USNBT over a week’s time, which is our current service level goal, we need an additional 4 million USNBT.

This grant address is a 2 of 3 multisig address, with signers being members of the Liquidity Operations team (@woolly_sammoth, @jooize and myself). Soon we plan to use 2 of 4 multisig addresses.

Here is the grant address and amount NuShare holders need to put in their Nu client:

Custodial Grant Address: Bis6BdPwdRg5dQiCEKAhjCwDkxpsGzKeJ6
Custodial Grant Amount: 4000000


Only about 200,000 of the 2,000,000 USNBT granted just three hours ago remain available for sale.

The effort to automate real time calculation of the circulating supply and make the data accessible is well underway. Live raw data is now available for the circulating and total supply. Thanks @woolly_sammoth!



Both circulating and total are the same in the API. That can’t be right?

BTW will support this grant.


They are different for me. The circulating supply I see is 8129807.6600.

I believe total supply is: ~12,347,386. That is according to the blockexplorer, would highly recommend to keep that as a reference.

I believe the block explorer is incorrect. The getinfo RPC shows the total USNBT blockchain supply to be:

“moneysupply” : 8348106.4475

There is a ~4m difference in it. I believe the difference reflects an earlier 4m reserve. Has that perhaps been forked out?

Here is the link to it: [Passed] Proposal to create a strategic reserve of NuBits

There is likely a problem with how the explorer parses multisig addresses or grants, but I am not sure.

Good observation.

supporting this grant.

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