[Passed] Motion to postpone execution of NuDroid contract

With a heavy heart I’m proposing to postpone the execution of the NuDroid contract as detailed here: [Passed] NuDroid upgrade v5 (April 2016)

With a broken peg I believe I’m no longer able to execute this contract on behalf of the Shareholders. I therefore propose to postpone the contract with 4 months before burning the remaining funds. The latest status can be found in the thread.

Draft proposal here:

Will submit it for voting in next few days.




Updated the motion text slightly and hashed the motion (see OP).

While it makes sense to postpone development, I would like to clarify that NuLaw permits you to spend the 16,000 NBT you received. They aren’t shareholder NuBits like those held by FLOT, FSRT or Jordan Lee. They are yours, given with an expectation, but they are still privately held NuBits. As such, the owner may use their discretion in how to spend them.

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@phoenix, can I invite you to respond to the question why you are not supporting this motion?
It apparently makes sense to you to postpone it, but I’m not getting the voting support. Doesn’t make sense to me.

After getting support from our “shareholders” this motion has passed.