[Passed] Motion to introduce new NuBits products

Doesn’t the client also still need to be updated to report liquidity for multiple Nu products?

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You probably already suspect the answer, yes it does. Same for NuDroid. The question is whether to create a multi-coin client or just another single currency client specifically for a new currency. That might be a shortcut to start with.

The Nu wallet already is a multi-coin client: NSR and NBT.
It would make sense to include the additional products there as well, right?
If you create additional clients, each of them needs to sync the blockchain.
I doubt that’s what users like.

And one NuDroid for all products would be easier to handle for users.

From a design/programming point of view it could make things easier, if each product had a separate application - as long as you keep the structure similar and make updating all the applications simple and straight-forward.

In my mind owning Nushares is very different from owning any of the pegged currencies (NBT and the new ones to come). I would suggest keeping the Nushares / Currency switch and simply introducing a secondary navigation for switching between the pegged currencies in the current NuBits Wallet views.

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Nbt and nsr are verified on the same blokchain.
A secure ‘separation’ on the wallets should be possible with bcex

A separation between NSR and NBT has already been done with NuDroid, not sure why we would require BCex for that. Could you elaborate on that?

We should get a mention of US-NBT somewhere in the core client. It would go a long way in my opinion.


We just want Nushareholders to know that NuLagoon is very happy to help in introducing new NuBits products to the market.

With the support of NuLagoon Tube as an exchange and NuLagoon Pools as a MLP, New-NBT is almost ready to be sold to people who are interested.

We are not sure how much work have to be done on the Nu Client side. The work on our side is not significant.

Let us state in this way. NuLagoon want to by New-Nubits from NuShareholders with US-NBT or Bitcoin, and list this new coin on the Tube. Will NuShareholder be interested in creating some?

Thank you.



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I’ve proposed earlier a clone of the current client. One for each currency as a quick win/quick to market. Just as a soft launch. An integrated wallet will take a lot more effort/time which the team clearly doesn’t have available.

The challenge is in maintaining the peg especially when other exchanges are going to accept the coin. Having said that I don’t think it is that hard to clone an instance of ALP or ALPv2 or NuBot for each coin. It just requires a bit of a concerted effort by the community with help of at least one developer do make the straightforward changes and the compiling of the clients.

Maybe it is wiser to wait until our resources are freed up, although I’m as eager as you to get the new coins on the market.

That means more than one blockchain, right?

If that is ture, it doesn’t make sense. The network is prepared for more than one coin, it just needs a client recognising a that new coin type. Instead of Type B it would be e.g. type C. Sure there is a bit more to it, just simplifying things here.

I just don’t know how to process tx by a separate client, if not by a separate PoS process - resulting in a new blockchain and a fork of NSR units to run that blockchain.
It can very well be that I have no clue about all that. But this is my understanding.
Separate client -> separate blockchain (by fork).

Clearly bitcoin, for example, can have many different clients without forking the chain. We just need to make a client that uses the same blockchain and writes to different addresses. Though im pretty sure no matter what we have to hardfork the core client so it would be cool to put it all in one convenient client.

BTC doesn’t use PoS and needs no minting to create the blockchain.

If the same NSR are used to process, say EU-NBT tx, why not include that code in the current client instead of making a new client?
I don’t see the benefit of that, but trouble being created by it.
I’d understand it, if NSR and (US-)NBT were already split to two clients - one for the minters, one for the US-NBT users.
As NSR and US-NBT are processed by the same client on one blockchain, following that road seems to be the reasonable way.

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It saves a lot of development and testing hours.[quote=“Nagalim, post:115, topic:2834”]
it would be cool to put it all in one convenient client.
Agree, but it is implementation costs against coolness factor. We can’t quantify those but my gut feel says the lower implementation costs are more important. It is also an opportunity to obtain some liquidity by selling the new coins rather sooner than later.

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The clients would have to handle the same protocol changes considering that they share a blockchain, meaning that the primary difference between them would be the GUI. I do not suspect it would be much more difficult to merge the GUI into a single client. The wallet files are already separated for NuShares and NuBits, so it would be simple enough to create new wallet files for the new currencies.