[Passed] Motion Dual side Nubot gateway in Poloniex @zoro - term 2

Please have a look at this as well:

I suppose i need to vote for a custodial grant here, right?

EDIT: voted.

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Right :slight_smile:

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There’s not really need for a custodial grant at the moment.
You can continue to use “BJs4YbtaqCmxeHLiR6zzjnZEotYVFAPfMo” to broadcast liquidity (it will stay valid for some time as it was granted roughly 1 month ago) and the payment for your services (supposing the motion passes) can be done by FLOT.

You are right. Then you suggest to change the proposal to a motion with ee20086eb56a8a7b0f722227086b05de9941a293
as voting address?

Is already available as hash for the motion.
If you want to make sure that people vote for what you want them to vote, make it clear what this voting is about, e.g. by removing the custodial grant address.

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After suggestion by MoD, i changed the grant with a motion :wink:

Please vote this proposal as a motion with below hash:
you may replace BET6WJctWyC6wpRfE9ytrVDHJSb8duG1kE
with above hash as motion vote.


Polo being intensive for Nu, to me it looks reasonable too.
Will add this to my feed

sorry for the delay, voted.

I still see some voters continue to vote with the old grant address:
instead of the new motion address:

Please, replace your grant vote with the motion :slight_smile:

All votes are transferred in the motion now.
But i don’t see much momentum in voting.
The nubot gateway will continue to operate until the end of the month. If the motion is not passed
i will have to respect the voters’ decision and seize operation (returning all funds back to FLOT).
@Nagalim, please fix your nubot asap :slight_smile:

Yeah, well, maybe my Poloniex gateway got in between you and the NSR holders’ votes…
After all my gateway is free of operator fee until 2016-04-20.
I’m sorry, if that’s the reason.

But that was the last time I tried to create a far too cheap emergency solution for the greater good (=to support the peg) - I promise :wink:

Lacking any better proposals an no competition in sight, I will add this proposal to my datafeed at the next occasion.
Still think 125 NBT/month is too expensive for just monitoring a mostly stable NuBot. With two other bots on Poloniex we can afford short outages so the value of 24/7 monitoring is also limited imo.

It’s not always that easy and NuBot is not 100% stable.
I spent a significant amount of time trying to get it runnning on Bittrex, found out that there’s trouble with the stream server, etc.

Still I think it can be cheaper. My offer for the Bittrex NuBot is at 30 NBT per 30 days.
But that requires to share some of the load for troubleshooting etc. between operators.

For example I’m getting tired of telling NuLagoon about errors with liquidity broadcast (maybe even NuBot malfunction). This is silly because they get paid for operating this MLP.
11 hours later, still the same status:

Maybe it’s not that 125 NBT is too expensive, but Nu should start to ask: what do we get for our money?
zoro made this gateway when there was need for it. I appreciate that and Nu should be grateful…
Competition can drive the price down, unless you want to pay some extra for an extra bit of service (I have ALP pools in mind and think of all you did and still do).

If NSR holders think there is money to be made with operating NuBots, they might apply for an operator contract!
…some might find out that it can be more effort than expected.

I’m very gtateful that we have skilled and ambitious pool and bot operators!
For the new Nu products there will be need for some additional operators!


For sure everyone value differently their precious time. For example in the so called developed countries with high wages there is no economical intensive to
run a nubot for 50-100$/month.
You have only your passion to help NU and even do this for free like MoD :wink:
(not very good business model)
Once again i want to make clear what i am offering, not just my time, bur also
a windows fast dedicated server with ups and a stable ipv4 line in my private place. Moreover another private server is in stand bye in other location if internet has permanent fault.

I’ve learned the lesson that this hinders viable business models from being developed.
I take that into consideration and will always charge a minimum fee for (essential) services I’m going to offer - like the 30 NBT / 30 days for Bittrex :wink:

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I’m also a NuShareholder. Ensuring we are not paying too much for ongoing standard services is not only a passion, it is just common sense from a cost/benefit perspective. Notice that I’m not running any services for free, but offering opportunities to piggy back on existing services to reduce costs and time efforts.

I beg any shareholder that feels that i am offering an expensive and unneeded service, to remove his/her vote.
I don’t want personal favors and i am not here to rip off NU.
I will find other ways to help NU. In fact, i can just sent 6000NBT to Nu Lagoon’s pool C
(in order to have profit 100nbt/month) and let it defent the peg in Poloniex. why bother :wink:

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It is certainly not unneeded, that’s why I’m supporting it.

thank you all for your trust :slight_smile:
Nubot gateway will continue until the 10th of May.