[Passed] Motion capping NuLagoon fees going forward

At this stage I would advise to continue voting for my motion until Henry’s new motion passes. There is still feedback about the new terms Henry is proposing and any motion can be withdrawn at any time before it passes. I will look at Henry’s motion in the next 48 hours and decide whether to add to my feed depending on the discussion. I don’t feel to take the lead in this given the somewhat awkward situation. It is on hold for now.

Sounds fair enough, I would have hoped you acted a bit earlier and saving me the awkward actions I had to take, but never mind I will have a look at it as any other motion.

You mean this ratio?

Besides, we have 7.2% for NuLagoon as monthly interest, 7.5% as maximum monthly interest for NuPool and 7.5% as maximum monthly interest for Liquidbits for non FIAT pairs…
So according to what you have said below, [quote=“creon, post:20, topic:1968”]
1 liquidity without the guarantee to get the same asset back with an interest rate which is not about 1.5 x NuLagoon, so 0.33% per day as in Cybnates p
[/quote], which makes sense to me.

NuPool and LiquidBits do not reward enough the participants. Both pools should increase their minimal monthly interest to at least 11.25%.

Finally, I would hold a bit voting for henry’s new motion in order to give some time to potential clarification.

This motion passed.