[Passed] Liquidity Operations NSR Custodial Grant

Here is the finalized version of this grant:

RIPEMD-160 Hash of Grant Request: 3196689e7e20d5448070e16804f2a07e6db008a1
Asset: NSR
Address: SxsCdZ92WPhwsYQXmSJ768p2KuhsdfAj8Q
Amount: 500000000

You can vote for this using your NSR wallet and clicking on the Vote tab. Then click the Custodian Vote…. button and simply enter the address and amount above. Then click the Settings menu and click Unlock Wallet for Minting Only. Every block you mint will have your vote included in it.

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I have finalized my grant request and ask for minting shareholders to configure their client to vote for it (see instructions at the end of the original post).

Live voting results are displayed and compiled here. They can also be seen from the client by using the getcustodianvotes RPC. The protocol will create the 500 million NSR if 5001 out of the last 10000 blocks contain a vote for the custodial grant. With voting having just started, this grant presently has 7 votes.

For the protocol voting period of 10000 blocks, this grant request now has 2.4% support. In the 300 most recent blocks, it has 37.6% support.

In the most recent 300 blocks, this grant now has 58% support. Even if support doesn’t increase, it is on track to pass in about 5 days.

In the last 300 blocks, support for this grant has risen to 83%. We can expect it to pass in a few days.

We have a high degree on consensus among NuShare holders. That’s healthy and brings stability. The system is still open (anyone can advance a custodial grant and many have) and allows for dissent. The 17% that are not voting for it are not necessarily opposed, either. They may not be paying attention or may not have reconfigured their vote yet.

In the last 300 blocks, support for this grant has risen to 85%. For the 10000 block protocol voting span, this now has 2835 votes. When it gets 5001 blocks in any 10000 block span, the protocol will create the NuShares at the grant address. This is on track to occur in less than 48 hours.

This passed. We thank shareholders for your confidence in our team.