[Passed] LiquidBits term 7 grant (updated) - Automatic Liquidity Pool (ALP)

Can you manually submit liquidity using rpc?

Good one, but it appears not to be the wallet or an expired grant address. Just successfully set the buy and sell on 9.99 for the broadcasting address B954pkUEdkeT1G5Lq14Cisij5no3RVxHYe.

Payout failed, but credit file has been created. That means I can do a manual payout. Will have it accumulate for a few days and than do a payout.

Somehow information is broadcast by the ALP software with incorrect strings or messages not acceptable to the Nu client, but I can’t get my finger on it. What would have changed in the last fortnight? Maybe I can ask Creon to assist if we are running out of ideas.

Having spend a signifcant number of hours on solving this puzzle I think I have found the issue.
In the wallet appears to be an amount (1910.5972) which doesn’t have confirmation and is not supposed to be there. Initially this was in another address and this address was the first in the wallet which the ALP server doesn’t like. I moved the funds which resulted in another unconfirmed transaction. After that I run checkwallet which fixed at least part of the issue by recovering 342.9129.

However I’m still stuck with the unconfirmed part even after the checkwallet and repairwallet return “true”. Will restart LiquidBits and see whether it will start doing automatic payouts. When successfull I will do manual payouts of the last two days.

Issue resolved, liquidity is broadcast right now.

Thank you for your patience.


Automatic payout failed, Replacing the wallet and restarting server in another attempt to fix the payouts this time.

Thank YOU for taking care of all these.

Anything interesting to share about the cause?

I’m still puzzled about how this happened. It looks like that somehow a transaction (change?) without a confirmation was created which can’t be resolved with repairwallet. The balance in the wallet is 1910.5972 too high. Moving the funds to another wallet seems the only solution as the ALP software refuses to payout with this wallet at all. In a few hours time it will hopefully be confirmed with an automatic payout from another wallet, if not I’m going to re download the entire blockchain as a last resort.

Hopefully in the future we will look back at these bad old days with amusement.

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This did occur so all problems appear to be solved now. I will manually transfer about 3 days of backpay in 12 hours or so.

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I will temporarily stop the liquidity provision on CCEDK as the coin have been in maintenance and trading is not possible


I understand the issue has been solved and the NBT pairs are back in service on CCEDK.
Will start the pool in the next 12-16 hours. Assuming the new grant passes, I will start run under terms of term 8.

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CCEDK pairs are available again. LiquidBits server online with terms from term 8 grant.

Further updates and announcement regarding LiquidBits server will be in the term 8 thread.