[Passed] Liquidbits.net trustless liquidity provision on USD, EUR and BTC pairs

So u convert volatility on nbt/btc into eur/usd. The latter is certainly less volatile than the former. Nice.

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This isn’t where it really lies. It’s the btc/EUR that’s gonna be an issue, as that market is completely illiquid on ccedk. You’re just gonna end up putting btc orders on that pair rather than nbt/btc. You can only use the btc/EUR pair if you have someone to trade with.

Although on ccedk interface, my nbts were clearly put for sales, liquidbits bot indicated 0 nbts order placement.
Then I manually cancelled the orders in ccedk interface and this time liquidbits bots mentioned the nbts in ask order, as expected.
Besides, do I need to git pull or anything?


I have seen that before but only when I rebooted the server. I thought it was just an anomaly, but it looks like the bot doesn’t see or clears it’s previous orders. Haven’t been able to reproduce this as I don’t want to do server restarts, but please let me know if you see more of this.

No, the client had no updates in the last release (v1.00LB)

Is this normal on startup? 2015/05/12-13:44:13 ERROR: register: user already exists with different address: [my pool client address]

I changed my receive address to a different NuBits address and restarted

Also is there a way to check if payout for a client ID has been made? I can PM you my id if need be. My balance went above a dollar and reset but I don’t see a payment at the address listed in config file.

You’ll need a new set of API keys to change your payout address.

Have you checked the old address for the payment?

Bollocks! Ok thanks for the info, the recovery key on my old wallet [coinomi] is not working for me right now :frowning: Guess it’s time to get new api key

Edit: I got the old wallet to open but I don’t see any balance :frowning: Might possibly be cause it was in error state the majority of the time balance was being generated. I just didn’t think anything of it.

Can you check that address on the blockexplorer?

I already did. Nothing

After a while, I am still getting this phenomenon show up in which there are no placed orders output by the bot but on ccedk the orders are correctly placed.
It seem there is some information that is not correctly dispatched from ccedk to the bot.

I will try to take a look at the ccedk wrapper today and see if I can track down why this is happening.

@woolly_sammoth and please do contact Ivan at CCEDK in case you need help from that side, I hope you know we are always here to assist in all the ways possible for smooth operations.

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Thanks, I still can’t reproduce it with my client. It happens randomly or under specific circumstance. Hope you trace it down.

Hmm, there is an issue report. I’m investigating right now. It did log the amounts owed but couldn’t pay-out, so I will manually transfer them as soon as it is clear what happened. Your payouts are not lost at this stage, but it would be good to PM me your old and new address if you don’t have control over the old anymore.

If it is a new API key and address, then it is a new user to the system and therefore the balance of this user is zero. Cybnate can recover the balance of your old user and send it to you. If it was above 1 NBT then it should be sent anyway after 24 hours.

Check the log file for DEBUG outputs. If you manually delete the order while the client is running, does it get replaced by the client?

– Attention -----

Please be advised that the just server crashed and is currently not immediately recoverable. Please cancel your orders manually right now. Apologies for the inconvenience. Working on restoring from a backup. This may take some time…

Update, this outage might take a bit longer as I like to understand what went wrong before rebuilding from backup. Waiting for response from hosting provider.

Thank you for you patience and again apologies for the inconvenience.

edit: my assumption that the client will leave the orders if the server can’t be reached is not valid. I will only “redact” but not delete this post, though, because of the informative replies by @creon and @woolly_sammoth.

This is a good reason for liquidity providers to think twice about the offered compensation.
Providing liquidity in a different trading pair than NBT/USD needs to be better compensated for some reasons - this here is another.

In case you offer EUR/NBT at ccedk it’s not that bad as USD/EUR is quite stable compared to BTC/USD.
In case you offer liquidity in BTC/NBT at bitcoin.co.id and don’t cancel your orders, because you don’t know of the server outage or have no immediate access to you account, you might provide good deals in case of fluctuating BTC price…

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While Cybnates recommendation was certainly good, there is actually no need for it. When the server is down for more than 2 minutes, then clients will automatically delete all orders.

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if the server goes down all that will happen is that your orders won;t be verified. The client is set to cancel orders and shutdown if it can’t contact the server within a certian time period.
While still active, the client will move the orders as normal and will cancel them when it shuts down. That should prevent any loss of funds from a server outage such as this.