[Passed] Final proposal for continuing developments on Android wallet (v3.0 released)

Question: I read through the proposal and it seems that a crucial element is missing in the second phase (unless I have somehow overlooked it). With the Shapeshifter API integration you have described, it will be very easy to spend NuBits, which is amazing and I am ecstatic for, but I do not see an easy way to get Nubits into the wallet. You could send NuBits but that will be a bit of work with the whole exchange mess. I know the proposal has passed but is it possible to make an addendum to include using the Shapeshift API to deposit Nubits into the wallet? As in generate a BTC address that I could send funds from coinbase/circle to instantly exchange into Nubits and be placed in my Android wallet.
Apologies for bringing this up after the passing of the motion but I feel this is needed. At the very least with Bitcoin.

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You can use the Shapeshift plugins available for Chrome and Firefox or just the Shapeshift.io website to shapeshift coins into the Android wallet. That way you can transfer e.g. Bitcoin straight from the exchange or another wallet and shapeshift them into an NuBits address in your Android wallet. It is recommended to have a return address though in case a transaction fails, so it won’t hurt to have an easy to access Bitcoin webwallet just in case.
Hope it makes sense.

I have briefly looked at integrating receiving foreign coins through Shapeshift into the Android wallet with the developer, but this is more complex than it appears on the surface. The cost of doing that would have significantly increased the current cost and timeframe of release 2. I thought that it was not worth it at this stage given the alternatives as above. When we reach 10k+ NuBits Android users I’m more than happy to put up another custodial grant to integrate it. Hope we can find them soon :wink:

I’ve received the invoice for the initial payment of release 1 and transferred the funds accordingly (See this block). This will formally initiate the contract and either I or the Developer will keep you updated about progress in this thread.

The key functionality in this release is the addition of a password to unlock your wallet and performance optimizations for older phones. All the details are in the first post of this thread.

vericoin android wallet already has this

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Interesting, this happened 2 weeks ago. Clearly inspired by us :smile:
Can’t find the source though, that might help to speed up the coding for our wallet.

We still have the advantage of a stable coin Android wallet.

Edit: this also doesn’t seem to be based on the Schildbach architecture. I bet our wallet is more feature rich already.

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Have the funds successfully been raised to complete this project? if not, how much more is required?


They have, the grant passed 12 days ago.

The developer, Matthew has advised me that he is aiming to release the first test version for release 1 early next week. Stay tuned.

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Update: The testing took a bit longer than expected but we are going for quality over speed. Matthew advised me that the last test run was successful and that we will get an APK to test with in the next 24 hours. Counting down…


Looking forward to it @Cybnate, thanks for all your hard work. I’m switching from an iPhone to an Android in the next couple weeks solely so I can make use of this wallet.

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I think i will have to wait for an iOS version…

NuBits Android wallet v2.0 test release

Finally it is here. The first release of a series of 3 releases. Details about all 3 releases can be found in the first post of this thread. This first release is still within the agreed 3 week period and therefore considered on time from a contractual perspective. I will ask Matthew to start with the preparations for release 2 in the next few days.

This is the first test version. The community has 1 week (till 27-Mar-15 0:00 UTC) to provide feedback in this thread. When you have already installed v1.0 make sure you have a backup of your wallet. It should automatically upgrade your wallet, but better safe than sorry. When you are starting from scratch, please allow a few hours to synchronize with the blockchain. This is a one-off. Experience learned that it might pay off to assign a ‘trusted peer’ under Settings instead of waiting for random connections. That will speed up the process. A trusted peer is an IP address of a NuBits node.
Don’t forget to backup your wallet and protect it with a pin code if you wish.

Download here
Link to NuBits Android APK v2.0 (deleted)
Link to NuBits Android APK v2.01 (deleted)
Link to NuBits Android APK v2.02
After the testing period the final version will be uploaded to the Google Play Store. Depending on your setting you will be automatically upgraded to v2.0 (or higher). You can still find the previous version v1.0 in the Play Store (search for NuBits).

Release notes v2.0:
The following functionality is included in this release:

  • Deterministic wallets (BIP0032) or HD wallets
  • Encrypt wallet with PIN code, required to send coins (under Safety, select spending PIN)
  • Displaying local currency in App widget User
  • Interface improvements
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Known issue (fixed with v2.01)
My preliminary testing on an Android Kitkat tablet resulted in a ‘NuBits has stopped’ message only a few seconds after starting the wallet while starting from scratch. To continue; just click ‘Ok’. I’ve learned that it actually doesn’t stop but is just busy and Android sometimes thinks that it crashed and starts asking to send for crash reports etc. Just cancel the reports and wait patiently for a couple of minutes. You may have to try a couple of times. After that you can go back to the App with the task selector at the bottom. It should still show. The Peercoin client (v2.4) displays the same behaviour. With older Android versions this doesn’t seem to be a problem. Please report your Android version when you are seeing the same behaviour or none of this. I’m interested how widespread this behaviour is and which versions are affected. Hopefully this can be fixed. I’ve already send Matthew (the developer) my logs.

V2.02 might fix an issue related custodial grant received into the Android wallet as Woolly_Sammoth reported in this thread below. Still needs to be tested and confirmed. No other changes.


You can get very cheap Android devices these days. As long as it run Android v2.3 or higher you can use such a phone just as your portable NuBits wallet. I’ve been asking around for an iOS wallet, but when commercially done it is very expensive (20k+) just to get some basics. Maybe we can do this when the shares are over US$0.02 each :smile: or just find a willing volunteer…

Edit: maybe someone can follow-up or work on this: https://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=3701.msg38496;topicseen#msg38496 That sounds like a shorter route…

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I have a nexus tablet. I ll try the Android wallet on it.

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Android 4.2.1, Asus Transformer, crashes on start after about 3 - 5 sconds. 1.0 was installed before and not uninstalled. Uninstall / reinstall didn’t help, is there a particular folder I have to delete?

Android 4.3, Samsung Galaxy S3, runs perfectly without any lag, but also was updated.

Ok, not great, but thanks for trying. Not sure about uninstall, Matthew have to chip in about that.

I wouldn’t rule out that its an issue with my tablet, we hate each other. Better wait for more feedback from Android 4.2.1 users before taking action. But is there anything that might not get deleted during uninstall?

It might require a reboot. I noticed that the blockchain sync process is still running after crash. When you wait a while there is a chance that it will open without a problem. At least mine does that after a few minutes now the blockchain is fully synchronised.

Tried that. But you are right that it seems that the process is still alive. I’ll give it another try in some hours.

One other thing: It would be nice if the PIN would be asked a second time when setting it up. I know you can show it in clear text, but its very dangerous if you fat finger it without noticing.


Just installed the v2.0 apk.
Absolutely no issues for me running on a HTC One X with a buggy build of CyanogenMod 12 (LollyPop).
Having just poked around the app I’d say it runs a bit faster than the previous version. Very good work. I’ll continue to prod it over the next few days and report any issues back.

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