[Passed] Dual-side passive PyBot for Poloniex and Bittrex

The 60 day term for the current grant runs out soon. I propose to continue running the Pybots for another term of 60 days.
After that term the current LiquidBits server is likely to be decommissioned assuming the ALPv2 LiquidBits server is up and running by then.

The price would be the same; 100 USNBT for 60 days. (edit: updated to 129 for 90 days)

I can keep the low price as it piggy backs on the LiquidBits operation, no additional effort is required other than posting regular updates in the forum as I have done here for the current term. It is also a passive operation, so I won’t do daily balancing, only up to weekly withdrawals on FLOT’s request.

Full proposal and details here:


I have updated the proposal to 90 days for 129 NBT (was 60 days for 100 NBT) and updated it for voting.

Please add the following to your client to support this proposal:

BPyBotXoVMiAFWLwcxRpSntP9oe2NGYPtE , 129

Due to the temporary shutdown of LiquidBits on CCEDK later this month I will adjust the LiquidBits parameters in such a way that the liquidity is broadcast through the client. Going forward I hope that by the time CCEDK is back again ALPv2 is prepared and operational for LiquidBits. That way the broadcasting for PyBot can continue till the end of the term as ALPv2 would run on another server.

Text hash proposal: a9346a00acd50d26d174c3d2f6c0ee69c9466c49


Sounds reasonable but why not shifting to NuBot now?

One of the reasons is to have an alternative while we fixing the bugs in NuBot.
PyBots have known bugs, NuBots still has probably a few unknowns.
And as previously stated the PyBots are all setup and do not require any effort now and going forward.
I need to setup two NuBots specifically for this and monitor them separately.


will add this to my data feed

Sorry for the delay. Voted.

This proposal passed.

Thanks for your continued confidence. Regular updates are still published in this thread: [Decommissioned] PyBot passive gateway on Poloniex and on Bittrex