[Passed] Dhume Joining RSOT

Fellow shareholders please consider voting for my proposal on daology to become a part of RSOT:

Motion hasj: f73d264a2053b6eb3bcd2166a2052083f4083972

I Dhume am putting forward my application to be a part of the B&C exchange reputed signer operations team (RSOT).

Although I’m not yet a reputed signer I feel that the requirement to be one should be removed from the RSOT motion. However for the sake of a quick resolution of the motion to establish a RSOT instead of adjusting the already being voted on motion, voting for my proposal to join can be seen as an amendment that being a reputed signer for B&C exchange is not an actual requirement to join the RSOT team. Also by setting this precedent I hope others (for example former FLOT members) who are willing to join RSOT but not become a reputed signer feel free to put forward a motion to join as well.

I will forgo introducing myself since I’m assuming all that read this either already know me or can easily read up on my past activities related to Nu and B&C. As is public knowledge I’m a large B&C exchange stakeholder and am both emotionally and financially tied to the project. By merit of being a part of “the former/current” FLOT team I have experience with signing multisig transactions required to be a part of this team. I will not require any compensation for being a part of RSOT.


Will add your to the datafeed in the next few days.

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I think you should ask for fees.



With the current support this motion is well underway towards passing!


This one is almost there! :slight_smile:


This one passed!

@Dhume congratulations for your election!


@dhume are you still up for this?

I am and I see your motion has passed @Nagalim that is certainly encouraging. So we need 1 more member right?

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