[Passed] Concentration of contractors in Vancouver, Canada

Motion hash to vote for in Nu AND B&C Exchange client: 140a5b2f7ecfa6a3681c034ae3db569e1fa9b0b8

Nu and B&C Exchange are global, decentralized organizations controlled by blockchain tokens called NuShares and BlockShares. Contractors in many different nations are paid for tending to the needs of customers and shareholders, including in Sweden, New Zealand, France and the UK, among others. Nu and B&C Exchange should remain deeply international and distributed in this way. At the same time, Nu would benefit from having a group of people who work together most days in the same space dedicated to solving shareholder and customer problems. The human relationships built with this approach will play a role in creating cooperation among contractors and in sharing knowledge about our network. Contractors who do not live near the concentration of contractors may travel and visit to develop relationships with the broader team of contractors.

While I don’t think Nu or B&C Exchange should ever start a registered business entity that is said to represent them, they should cultivate a concentration of contractors that work together in a physical office. Where should this office where contractors can work together be located?

Here are some values I applied in choosing a place to cultivate a concentration of contractors:

  • Top quality IT talent should be widely available in the area at a low price

  • The local culture should embody the values Nu and B&C Exchange requires to succeed: cooperation, honesty, integrity, the rule of law, predictability and stability, among other things.

  • The local population of workers should be fluent in English, the primary language we use to communicate among the organization and with our customers.

  • Someone who is already trusted in the organization should already live there or be willing to move there.

  • The local government should be unlikely to obstruct our work as well as have liberal travel and immigration policies so that we can get our people in and out of the country.

  • Besides IT development, we should develop a cluster of marketing professionals working for us. Our main markets will be the United States (US-NBT) and China (CN-NBT). The location should have people with the linguistic skills and cultural knowledge needed to sell in these main markets.

It appears that Vancouver, Canada meets the above criteria the best:

  • According to glassdoor.com, software developers in Vancouver are paid an average of $57,207 USD per year. This compares to $98,711 in Seattle, USA, just a couple hundred kilometers away. I expect we will need to pay a little more than average to get the talent we need. Employer paid taxes and benefits are modest in British Columbia. Other places are cheaper, but it appears those cheaper options don’t meet the other criteria as well as Vancouver.

  • Canada meets Nu’s needs for a cooperative culture that values pro-social behavior, honesty, and integrity, while providing predictable, fair and gentle enforcement of laws. Canadian government is very stable and predictable. It is very international which suits our international organization well.

  • Vancouver is an English speaking area.

  • Esko, Manager of Liquidity Operations, is currently located in Sweden, but is willing to relocate to Vancouver to lead the effort to gather contractors there.

  • Canada is unusually open to visitors and immigrants. We need a place that will let our international contractors visit and work, such as Esko.

  • Vancouver has many local resources that can help in our marketing efforts focused in the United States and China: locals are thoroughly familiar with American English and American culture. There is a large concentration of recent Chinese immigrants that have the Mandarin skills and Chinese cultural knowledge we need to market to a Chinese audience.

Motion hash to vote for in Nu AND B&C Exchange client: 140a5b2f7ecfa6a3681c034ae3db569e1fa9b0b8

This motion is stored on GitHub. To verify the RIPEMD-160 hash, the GitHub version should be copied using a RIPEMD-160 calculator like Browserling. The text is included below for convenience.

-----Begin Motion-----
To investigate the viability of forming a concentration of contractors focusing on work for Nu and B&C Exchange in Vancouver, Canada, it is proposed we send Esko, Manager, Liquidity Operations there soon. The primary initial work he will do there is evaluate the best way to attract professionals to work for Nu and B&C, employ and pay them in a compliant manner, as well as locate an office for them to congregate in. It is expected that an employment agency will be our best choice by providing an office, payroll and recruiting as a turn key solution. There are many alternatives that need evaluation.

If Esko’s investigation of the opportunities proves promising, Phoenix has the discretion to move forward with implementation of the plan, including all necessary disbursements of funds. Two full time positions for C++ developers are the initial expected hires. Hopefully more local full time and possibly part time contractors will be added quickly. Phoenix has discretion to allocate funds for filling additional positions and meeting additional expenses associated with the effort. Marketing, quality assurance and a Liquidity Operations development position are likely to emerge quickly.
-----End Motion-----

An additional, separate motion is required to hire contractors for B&C Exchange and clarify the status of the B&C Exchange development and marketing fund. I will be posting that soon.

This motion, unlike other motions, ought to be passed on both the Nu and B&C Exchange blockchains.


it sounds like a good plan.I could help recruit people from Vancouver if needed.

Motion hash to vote for in Nu AND B&C Exchange client: 140a5b2f7ecfa6a3681c034ae3db569e1fa9b0b8

Voting has begun.

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My intuition tells me that Phoenix lives in Canada.


Your intuition told you to invest 120 BTC into a project led by @JordanLee. Do you like your intuition? -.-

This motion currently has a stunning 97.8% support on the B&C Exchange 6.0.0 fork. We have never observed levels of consensus for a motion or custodial grant this high before in the Nu or B&C networks. It is the result of a high level of support for the motion combined with inattentive minters being excluded due to the fork. We can expect it to pass on the B&C blockchain in just a few days.

Nu is a more stable and slow moving blockchain. There support has already risen to 45% in the last 100 blocks. Please add hash 140a5b2f7ecfa6a3681c034ae3db569e1fa9b0b8 to your motions list if you haven’t already. It is a strong level of support given the short period of time voting has been active. Historically motions with this level of support this early in voting pass.

My faith in Hayek money drove me investing B&C, BTC is shit although shit can be a good gambling tool for speculators.

Nothing else projects in cryptoworld can be as close as B&C to Hayek model. We need to launch Hayek project as soon as possible before those pigs begin to learn how to implement Hayek money.


This has passed on the Nu blockchain and is on track to pass on the B&C Exchange chain within a few days. I am excited to get more people focusing their energy on solving the problems of Nu and B&C Exchange!

You will be hearing more about this endeavor soon. For now, Esko and I are busy investigating and evaluating the different options we have to move forward. It is expected that Esko will travel to Vancouver in a week or two to move things along.

You have now been investigating the situation for over half a year and @jooize had the task to get things finally going. What is the situation?

Things happen on the telegram channels.
We had a lot of twitter activity yesterday

stay tuned @gesite

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