[Passed] ALix Panel fee request

Hello shareholders,

I’m hereby requesting Coinerella’s compensation for the work on ALix Panel.


Hash: eb8fbe96a94e530f8103c88b6f4a3a67ad1906e6

BC84Af1QuytYF37yTd1hf34zRKnLWTJoTA - 750 NBT





Like the quick links to the forum. The official blockexplorer should have had that in the first place. Nice work.
Only thing missing is the passed motions. That requires a database to maintain I understand. Maybe you can pull the status simply from the forum title? Not very elegant and secure, but maybe ok?

Adding to my datafeed.

Great job. But shouldn’t it be 350 nbt ?

That was the liquidity panel only. I did some more work afterwards.
It becomes clear when you read the thread from top to bottom.

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Sorry for the delay. Voted.

I will add that to my voting data feed.

This grant passed. Thank you very much.

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I never know where to put alix bug stuff.

Polo has had about 20k buy and sell all day, yet alix has been reporting 0 buy most of the time. Is this a price feed issue? A tolerance issue?

I heard they had massive api issues in the last 48 hours