Park rates missing

Only the park rate for 11.4 days parking is shown.
That was first reported by williywithcoinnode and confirmed by crypto_coiner in the peercointalk chat box.
Looks strange - or is this because there’s currently no parking incentive needed (due to falling BTC price etc.)?



same problem

I’m not sure that this is a problem. It could be intentionally this way.
There’s not much need to put incentives in the form of parking rate interest on the market to make NBT attractive.
The Bitcoin (and big parts of Altcoin) bear market makes NBT attractive as a way to change to something stable that can be easier transferred than e.g. USD.

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Good point, it could be because of that.

Is there any motion (passed when) that has enforced such current park rate?

…ongoing park rate votes should do that…
Information about park rate votings: Park Rate Voting and **Draft** motion for protocol changes

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This could be a bug? Is anyone voting zeros on the longer park rate terms?

Yes, most minters do (or they don’t vote for any rate, which is the same).

Here are the details of the votes (generated by the upcoming getparkvotes RPC):

For each duration, the current rate is the first one with an accumulated percentage above 50.

It’s hard to imagine that this is unintended.

I hope, I imply, I require that NuShares holders are aware of their responsibilty for deciding on the custodians, motions and park rate interests.

The NuShares holders are responsible for staying informed about the situation, what’s going on, discussing what may be tried, what can be afforded and what should be avoided.

I sincerely hope that the current park rate interest shows the result of the votes of well-informed NuShares holders who deliberately vote for 0% interest for most time frames because they think there’s no parking incentive required…

If my understanding is correct, NuShares are able to mint 7 days after they have been received. It seems like the distribution is still going on. Maybe some votes change over time.

Maybe we should have some people posting recommendations about voting. Shareholder would be free to follow them or not (or even mix them).

When feeds are implemented we may not need that anymore. But feeds won’t allow you to mix nor understand recommendations.

Park rates have reappeared - still no one above 11.4 days, but for the first time I recognize 1.4, 2.8 and 5.7 days :slight_smile: