Panic buying physical silver!

Silver has bottomed out. The next financial meltdown is waiting behind the door in September 2015. Global stocks are already crashing. I just bought 2kg of physical silver and I am going to buy more as soon as possible. I expect gold to fall as low as 600$ per ounce before I can safely say it has bottomed out but I am sure silver is in the bottom right now so it is a good deal to buy it now.

My friend who does not believe in illuminati and chemtrails just said today that he plans to buy gold for 3-4k euros. If the sheeple are starting to buy into precious metals it means the physical supplies of precious metals could dry up soon. Better act before the dumb crowd does.


This is the best sentence I’ve read in a long time.


… but you do?

Yes. Today I saw with my own eyes an undeniable proof of chemtrails in my own hometown. There was a suspicious trail in the air and it gradually faded away from its one side but suddenly disappeared at its other end. No contrail could ever suddenly disappear mid-air. But that’s just my personal subjective observation so sceptics can feel free to discard it. What they cannot discard is this:

This also hammers it for the sceptics:

The issue is that gold and silver markets are controlled by the bad guys, the Illuminati, the cabal.
But they do not have control over Nu since they do not have control over the Internet.
As for the chemtrails, the evidence is undeniable as for HAARP etc…

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They may control the markets but they won’t be owning the physical gold and silver that people buy. If I get to buy low and sell high then why would I care if the market is being manipulated?

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It’s still a down trend till the channel breaks and higher highs are being made.

Watch what happens when the dollar retraces from getting crushed over the last few days.

I just feel it is difficult to predict anything unless you are the bad guy behind the curtains. But I am not a trader myself so I cannot talk too much.

sure it might not be bottom yet. catching the bottom is typically unrealistic anyway. That’s why I intend to gradually buy in during the coming months.

Bitstamp recently promoted some shop that sells gold and silver for bitcoins. I suspect the real reason of BTC taking the hit lately is due to people selling their coins to buy precious metals. I’m a bitcoin hoarder and I did exactly that and plan to do it again. Thus there ought to be other people like me doing the same thing. BTC might continue to fall.

What part of the globe do you live in?

Eastern Europe in one of the NATO countries.

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My updated thoughts …