Overstock.com Files to Offer Stock That Works Like Bitcoin

Alternative title: Overstock.com is attempting to create Peershares, except with the blessing of the SEC.

For anyone wondering how much potential Peershares (and by extension, NuShares and BlockShares) has, this article is an excellent reminder that the future is wide open for cryptoequity.

Edit: I commented on /r/Bitcoin too https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/341sit/overstock_files_to_offer_stock_that_works_like/cqqm03q


Nice catch. I doubt a decentralized shares management system is compatible with regulations…
Besides, no mention of peershares among …"remake the stock market using bitcoin technology, such as NXT, Mastercoin, Bitshares, and Counterparty. "
Seriously, peershares is probably the only truly decentralized shares management system and yet it does not make it in the list…
Any ideas why?
In any case, tthat means peershares (and by extension nushares) lack visibility in a big way…
Marketing is crucial; timing is also important.
Let us take the b&c opportunity to reach bitcoiners and crypto enthusiasts in general.


In fact, more generally, I feel that a decentralized shares management system (the ability to create a decentralized organization and take decisions collectively via a decentralized consensus based on votes that are not riggable) is the killer app of the idea of blockchain.
Because you can manage any human activity from there in a decentralized way, potentially, escaping regulations, therefore avoiding any breaks that could prevent innovation, which benefits the economy in a big way.
Stable crypto-currency via a decentralized central bank (Nu) is the first instance of such a killer app.
Decentralized exchange (via b&c hopefully) is likely to be the second one.
What is next?
An online betting system?
A search engine.
An e-commerce…

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