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Want to buy OBITS with NBT, and market is here:

Or the markets:

You can make whatever markets you wish, all by yourself.

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Want to buy OBITS with BTC, then market is here:

With recent drop in BTS, it is possible right now to buy OBITS some 20% less than recent month after public sales.

Price in BTC 0.00016415 per OBITS, just for info. is possible to place your orders as well, and also on CCEDK it is posible to trade OBITS

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Nothing yet, as it was mentioned in the other thread, any income from Nubit related activities on CCEDK amount to very little, so the amount of 5 BTC was taken as a gesture for reducing the outstanding. More will will come, but we need to build to generate income. We need to have someone make a withdraw on exchange of the mentioned Nubits to reduce outstanding accordingly as well. Right amount is paid but not deducted anywhere.

While accessing openledger:

“Can’t access local storage.
Please make sure your browser is not in private/incognito mode.”

It doesn’t work with Tor Browser and (I guess) not even in private/incognito mode with firefox…


Chrome is recommended for the Web-Wallet, Firefox “should” work too.
However Privacy mode makes not much sense because you would have to import your wallet again each time you have closed the browser.

If you want to use BitShares without Browser restrictions please use the Light Wallet.