Online crypto portfolio supporting NuShares and BlockShares

Just for information. This very simple online crypto assets portfolio site is supporting NSR and BKS in addition to many others:
It’s lightweight rather than full of features (for example no history) but functional.


Caution. Online portfolios can steal all your money and disappear without a trace.

Lol, this is just a tracker for crypto rates :wink:

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I stayed extra safe (and clueless) by not clicking the link. Oops! Haha.

You are too safe for the world! :stuck_out_tongue:
But that kind of warning you voiced is rarely wrong. Haha.

I want a service like this that operates locally on devices, instead of requiring the user to disclose their funds.

  • Privacy of funds.
  • Support for all relevant coins (there often seems to be one missing, while supporting a lot of … less relevant ones).
  • Tracking of addresses, so I don’t have to update amounts. Unless using one’s own clients for info the provider would know the addresses, but I feel the risk of block explorers compromising privacy is lower than these sites.
  • Beautiful UI.

Hi, I don’t know of this kind of services. But I concider privacy high. You do not log in or give any other information than balances of each currency (no login name, no email, etc). The concept of “account” is handled by a hashtag generated the first time you access the URL. It’s then your responsibility to not loose this hash.