On Silos [by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum team]: How Does Nu position itself?

Link: https://blog.ethereum.org/2014/12/31/silos/
Your thoughts?

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I think Nu needs to work together with other coins to create a wider ecosystem. And yes, we need to ensure that our ecosystem talks to the others in some way or the other to be viable. In think the facts that we are working with and supporting Peercoin and Blackcoin community with supporting their exchange are already steps in the right direction. The adoption by shapeshift.io was another great step to integration with other ecosystems. There are still several areas the Nu ecosystem doesn’t cover (see Vitalek’s great graphic). Maybe it is time to look at them (contracts, identity, data storage etc.) and see which areas we should work together with others or integrate and which areas we want to focus on and develop ourselves.

I think the time that single crypto currency communities survive is over (except some niches), 2015 will be the year of consolidation into crypto currency ecosystems.

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The idea of stack of protocols presented in the post provides a pretty good pictures of the state-of-the-art for decentralized internet, and places us on Layer1.

I also learned the term “volcoin” from the chart above, which redirected me to this interesting discussion

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Where we can put peershares and nushares voting mechanism?

According to this graph, Nu being a DAC is placed on layer 5.
Peercoin is an independent chain, and so is placed on layer 0.

I personally disagree as I do not see the nu network as autonomously performing AI operations.

Nu is to me a decentralized central bank with a blockchain-enforced voting system. Shareholders votes for monetary policies and there is no rigging possible of those votes.
So it is a semi-autonomous system including human decision making.
Therefore, I would place Nu on layer 0 and layer 1.

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But Nu is also a decentralized corporation but semi autonomous.
So half of it belongs to Layer 5.

I don’t think the picture intends to put an implementation as Nu in one box. It shows the elements of a state-of-the-art decentralised system. Nu has a number of those elements. We have an independent PoS chain on layer 0, we are a stablecoin on layer 1 and you can argue about where the voting system sits (I suppose in the DAOs/DACs layer 5) or layer 2a as a blockchain service not mentioned here. Closest is probably smart contract functionality. Just my take on it.