NXT Multigateway

Has anyone looked into contacted The SuperNet Multigateway crew to see if there could be a NXT / NBT multigateway?


Basically this would allow NBT to be directly traded on the NXT Asset Exchange.

A few months ago a group of us met with the SuperNet team in their Slack channel to discuss this. We were hesitant to endorse the creation of a NBT asset on the MGW because it would require the creation of an artificial proxy “Super-NBT” asset that may or may not be maintained properly. There are all sorts of issues with proxy assets - such as potential damage to the Nu brand if a peg is temporarily lost on their platform - that make them undesirable. Creating the “Super-NBT” asset would also require the initial creation of a fixed supply of “Super-NBT”. A very large amount of “Super-NBT” would threaten the integrity of the peg on their platform if they were stolen, and a low amount of “Super-NBT” would force users to upgrade to a “Super-NBT-2” if demand increased beyond predictions.

Luckily, B&C Exchange solves the problems associated with issuing platform-specific proxy assets, because it allows trading of actual cryptocurrencies like NuBits and Bitcoin. If it works as intended, B&C Exchange will be the gold standard for decentralized exchanges.

I think I still have a NuBits proxy asset there ( http://www.mynxt.info/currency/1799810631198837597 ). As @tomjoad mentioned it needs to be maintained which takes daily attention and it hasn’t :frowning: Just leave me a message if you want to play with it.